Assassins’ Creed 4 DLC with BlackBeard surprise

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

We have a massive treat for Assassin’s Creed 4 fans now and a big heads-up for all those that are keeping an eye out for Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC. We can tell you that the first pack is going to be called the Assassin’s Creed 4 BlackBeard’s Wrath DLC – allowing you to play as the fearsome pirate captain.

Make no mistake, this hasn’t been confirmed by Ubisoft yet but we do know it is on the way. This is because the description over at PS3Trophies has leaked the details early – revealing a set of trophies all specifically linked to BlackBeard’s Wrath.

We also know that you’ll be able to play as the pirate, as one particular trophy contains the information: “Perform an acrobatic kill and a gun kill in less than 10 seconds – Playing as BlackBeard”.

So there we have it – expect a full confirmation from Ubisoft soon, but this is very exciting don’t you think? Hopefully we will see this content next month as it sounds like a lovely little Christmas treat.

For those that have the game already – what other DLC do you want to see?

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  • Martin Rimming Riley

    I’d love to have a chance to play as a pirate similar to Jack Sparrow 😀 Won’t happen for many obvious reasons but it would be great.

  • Bob Johnson Smithman

    btw, to help people find this page, correct your title typo:
    Assassins’ > Assassin’s

  • Bob Johnson Smithman

    Thank you for this information. I love being able to play as other characters, now we know we’ll be playing as Abstergo Mute Person, Eddy, Black Beard, Adewale and if you have PS4, Aveline… woah! that’s one heck of a cast(away)!

    P.S. Ubi, I still want another creepy Kraken Easter Egg for this game.