Apex 9″ Tablet AP-GS918 mystery without reviews

By Alan Ng - Nov 20, 2013

Time to focus in on another cheap tablet brand now that could become a firm favorite with consumers over the holiday period. This time it is the Apex 9″ Tablet AP-GS918 and for most of you, it is probably the first time hearing about the Apex brand before.

That doesn’t mean to say that the tablet isn’t capable enough though – far from it. This particular model will feature a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM and run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so it will be able to handle the most basic of tasks that the casual tablet user will need.

Unfortunately though, that’s where the straight forward information stops. Finding out specific information appears to be something of a mystery, for various reasons.

For starters, there doesn’t appear to be any Apex 9″ Tablet AP-GS918 reviews available online. If this doesn’t send out a warning sign for those interested in one already, there’s further confusion from Apex Digital themselves.

Upon some digging on the company’s official website, we’ve found that there is no listing for a 9-inch tablet from them. There’s a 7-inch model, but no 9-inch version – but there’s more. Instead, we were redirected to a product known as the TMAX Tablet 9 HD-G, with a model number of TM9S775.

The specs match up with the Apex Digital 9-inch AP-GS918, so we wonder what is going on here. We’ll bring you more information as we get it, but you may want to be cautious if you spot an Apex Digital 9-inch tablet going for a cheap price during the sales.

Have you bought a product from them before?

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  • Michael Haggard

    My apex is à major POS and a waste of money. There is no real customer support unless you shell out twice what you paid for it (mine was NIB without any tech support! Issues ranged from faulty keyboard drivers to extreme stalling. I WOULDNT TAKE ANOTHER IF PAID TO!!!!!!!

  • Tommy Bridges

    I had two do the same thing but I got to recovery mode and wiped everything then just rebooted n waited for about 20 min they both came on but one reads no internal memory I’m still diggin to find a fix for that issue….other one works great again

  • liky, Dominica

    I bought an android apex tablet during the 2013 black friday sale at office depot. now the screen freeze at the go screen and it wont come on. I tried the reset button, still nothing. can anyone help.

    • thegreatalbino

      I’m having the same issue. Any solutions yet?

  • Bought (5) Google Android Apex gs918 tablets for Christmas, two are frozen at the GO screen and even a hard reset and wiping of all data does nothing. They lasted less then two months.

    If only 2/5s of them last for less then 2 months, I would consider that another Made In China failure. Hopefully they use these to run their aircraft carrier killer missiles,

  • dotten

    mine wont boot and I cant get any help from APex ortmax- anyone have ideas?

  • Christopher

    I work for OD as an hourly grunt.

    For the most part, cheap tablets likey this aren’t worth anything, but this one doesn’t seem too bad for the price. It’s a Cortex A9 if I’m not mistaken, with 2GB of RAM.

    The performance should be pretty solid based on those specs.

    The screen is the same resolution as the 7″ model, so it is indeed pretty awful. They had to skimp on something.

    I’m a computer science student, and I’m considering purchasing one myself. It would be a decent device for Android development.

  • Douglas Green

    I just bought one of these at Office Depot. In various parts of the packaging, the branding switches between Apex and TMAX. IMHO, it’s well worth the $60 price. I wouldn’t pay $100 for it, but it’s a basically functional unit with decent dual core processor performance and 8 GB of RAM, and a straight Android 4.03 implementation. It does what I bought it to do. It won’t outperform a $300-500 tablet from Samsung, Lenovo, or Apple, but it’s a very sufficient unit for the price. Certainly a better deal than the 7″ Apex tablet that is widely being sold for $50. The extra $10 gets a dual core processor, a 2″ larger screen, and double the internal memory – all of which are very useful upgrades.

  • bighowy

    The Apex has front cam whereas the tmax has front and rear cams

  • Streetguru

    I purchased one initially and a second for my mother after I made sure it was of decent quality given the low price, while its the first tablet I’ve owned I’m very happy with it, the screen is a bit average, but its not terrible. I wrote an extended review that should be up over on office depot soon.

    If you want a decent tablet for a low price I’d say go for it.

  • PandaMama

    Any news on this one yet? I can’t find ANY reviews ANYWHERE on this product.

    • Billy

      you can get them at Sam’s Wholesale club…which is in pretty much every major city. My wife bought 5 of them at the one in knoxville…it was on sale. Im pretty pleased…BTW – STAY AWAY from MachSpeed 9.7″ tablets…we had to send them back…had a great screen but all 4 that she bought flaked upon opening…had a nice screen but the touchscreens and hardware was completely garbage. Thankfully the website took them back on RMA and just did a complete refund…waiting for them to show up as a chinese scam on the news. But these TMAX’s seem to work good…will be looking also for a root – regards