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Xbox One reviews start positive ahead of launch

The Xbox One is due to launch at the end of the week and now we’re pleased to hear that the first official software reviews are going live. It is good news as well as some of Microsoft’s launch games have been getting very good scores and should provide good reading for those that have already decided on which titles to pick up.

If one of your Xbox One launch games is going to be Killer Instinct or Dead Rising 3 specifically, it looks like your purchase is going to be justified. The reviews have just gone live and we can tell you that both have been receiving very favorable reviews.

You may remember Dead Rising 3 hit the headlines recently for only being a 720p and 30FPS game, but it looks like these have had no bearing on the review scores. The likes of IGN have given the game a pleasing 8.3/10, saying that it ‘rarely disappointed’ them and praised the amount of zombies to kill in the game.

Killer Instinct on the other hand has been given good reviews too. IGN have have scored the game with an 8.4/10, while Edge Magazine have award the brawler with a 7/10, adding that the game features a fantastic combo system – which is obviously to be expected anyway given its history.

It looks like Microsoft are keeping us waiting with the review scores for Ryse. As we wait for these to land, give us your thoughts on the early reviews for Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3. Have you already ordered either of these games?



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