PS4 overall review success

By Alan Ng - Nov 19, 2013

Although a lot has been made about the early teething problems for Sony’s PS4 console after its recent launch, it has to be said that at the same time – it has been a great success for Sony. The company has already gone public with some initial sales figures, whilst the number of positive user reviews that we have seen greatly outweigh those that have left negative reviews after receiving the well documented blinking blue or red light issues.

Unfortunately, it appears that some users have opened up their consoles only to find that they do not work, due to a variety of possible problems. These involve faulty HDMI cables or a problem with the hardware itself – a problem that Sony has put down to 0.4% of total PS4 buyers so far.

You have probably read a lot of complaints as they appear to be popping up on social media boards by the minute. Despite all that though, there is also a great feeling amongst those who have encountered no such problems with their console.

It’s true that there are over 700 1-star reviews over at Amazon, but it should also be mentioned that there are also almost 2,000 5-star reviews as well from many consumers who are delighted with their PS4 launch purchase.

Just to give you an example of what some users are saying about the PS4 in a good way, here’s one below:

“I received this on launch day and it has been working just fine! No overheating, no DOA, no broken HDMI, etc. It takes awhile to get used to the new interface. It’s definitely better than the ones on ps3 and xbox 360. The controller feels so much better than the DS3. I like the new online group chat and the ease of going into an online battle with your friends over PSN. Remote play works so much smoother and faster than on the ps3. I highly recommend this product! Ignore the fake reviews with 1 star.”

So there we have it. It’s a tale of two affairs obviously, but the proof is there that the majority of users are having no problems with the PS4.

Hopefully Sony will come up with some kind of compensation package on PSN for those that have been affected by broken PS4s. What are your thoughts on both the positive and negative PS4 reviews that we are seeing everywhere?

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  • Josh101

    I got my launch PS4 has been working almost flawlessly. I say almost because the servers were getting hammered on launch day. Reason I believe this, updating Warframe on PS4 caused it to freeze my system 3 times. I waited until Saturday morning and it updated just fine. I’ve had no problems outside of that. On launch day I downloaded Sound Shapes, Warframe, Resogun and Contrast at the same time (they actually download all at once, not one by one), booted up remote-play and played Battlefield 4 multiplayer on my Vita, while the kids were on youtube and my gf was watching Netflix. All bandwith heavy and not a hiccup. All ran smooth. Granted I have my PS4 hooked up directly to my modem. I would recommend doing the same.

  • Kevin

    Here’s hoping when I get mine on the 29th all these problems will have been dealt with.
    I wouldn’t want to return to have to wait weeks for another one 🙁
    The percentage isn’t that bad.
    Let’s see what xbone faults are, don’t think overheating will be an issue though as they are monsters lol.