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iOS 7.1 beta update release notes

The iOS 7.1 beta dev release date has arrived with the full release notes being available to developers in the online portal. Before installing the new software, Apple warns developers to make sure they have iTunes 11.1.3 before installing the iOS 7.1 beta update.

As always, the idea is for developers to download the iOS 7.1 beta update and Xcode 5.1 Developer Preview to test apps with the latest software, and give them enough time to sort compatibility problems before a public release.

If you need to know what download is correct for your iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S then head to this Apple page. For details on the correct download for your iPad 4, mini, or Air then head to this page.

Another warning Apple issue is to do with an iOS 7.1 beta downgrade, which they state “can not be” done although developers will be able to upgrade to iOS 7.1 public and beta 2, etc. There has also been a new version of the Apple TV Software beta posted along with iOS 7.1 beta for iPod touch 5th generation.


You can see the full iOS 7.1 beta release notes in the images below, although expect more problems and fixes to be included in beta 2. If you are a developer and run into install problems, then we would love to hear about these in the comments.





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