PS4, Xbox One with surprise game in 2014

Most of you will already know what launch games will be available with the Sony PS4 and Xbox One consoles. However, some very exciting information has turned up this week, revealing another game that is on the way to both consoles that previously hasn’t been announced beforehand.

Without further ado, we can tell you that the game is none other than Tomb Raider. The popular console remake is seemingly on the way to next-gen consoles as well, under the name Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

The information has been prematurely revealed thanks to Amazon Italy, who are still listing the Definition version at a price of just over 50 Euros. As you may have guessed, picking up this version of the game will also grant you with all released DLC for Tomb Raider.

That includes the likes of Caves & Cliffs, 1939 and Shipwrecked – all of which contain various new multiplayer maps for players to enjoy. According to Amazon’s listing, it looks like the Definitive version is also going to contain premium packaging as well as a special artbook.

The big question that we want to know is whether the next-gen versions of Xbox One and PS4 have been upgraded. Players won’t want to see a lazy port, so let’s hope we get some information on the upgrade soon.

Tomb Raider was a very good game when it released on current-gen platforms, so we have high hopes for this one. Give us your reaction to this below – would you be willing to buy this on next-gen again if it is a proper upgrade, ie 1080p native, 60FPS etc?



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