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PS4 red light overheating with Sony support number

How is your PS4 console at the moment? While Sony continues to help users who are experiencing PS4 red light overheating problems, it’s not a secret that the problem appears to be affecting more than just the odd user.

Social boards are continuing to go into overdrive on red light related issues that are coming in, while the 1-star user review rate on Amazon shows no sign of slowing down yet either – read through some of them above for a wider look.

Despite the rate of problems that are occurring, Sony has maintained that this is an isolated issue and that a blinking red light essentially means that the console is just overheating – not bricked.

If it has happened to your console you should basically stop playing, turn off the device and try again in a short while to see if the situation improves. We’ve seen all sorts of theories on how this could be related to faulty systems, but again we have also heard from many of you who have told us many times that your PS4 experience has been flawless.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help the number of people who are genuinely having big problems with their console. Luckily it appears that Sony are more than happy to help out those in need of a repair if the overheating issue persists.

We’ve heard that Sony has been sending out boxes for affected consumers to send their PS4 consoles in for repair. If you have yet to speak to Sony about your PS4 problem, you will find this number very helpful – 1-800-345-SONY (1-800-345-7669), this is for Sony’s customer service support line.

Are you continuing to get a red light on your PS4? Let us know if you have also tried to contact Sony by telephone and how the conversation went.



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