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Pokemon X and Y Volcanion silence makes fans wait

Are you still addicted to Pokemon X and Y endlessly, or are you starting to get a bit bored with the lack of updates and announcements from the busy guys over at Game Freak? A few weeks ago, we heard about a wonderful leak referencing three new Pokemon in X and Y called Volcanion, Diancie and Hoopa.

Skip forward to today though and we have heard nothing since – so what has happened to them? Unlike other leaks for the game, the names of these Pokemon were already thought to be hidden in the game and uncovered early thanks to a hacker who tampered around with some files.

That hacker has vowed to not spill any more unannounced information on the game though, leaving fans wondering what has happened to the Volcanion rumors and whether we will seeing this exciting Fire and Water type Pokemon any time soon.

The general belief is that these three Pokemon are all linked to a future Pokemon X and Y event host by Game Freak. So far though, the developer has said nothing at all on the matter and have refused to be tempted to comment on the speculation.

It’s clear that Volcanion remains the most popular out of the three elusive Pokemon, so it will be amazing if Game Freak decide to give us something soon or at least confirm that the Pokemon are indeed real and part of the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex.

How badly do you want to see Volcanion? Do you think that the Pokemon is definitely real, or do you still have your doubts after believing one too many Pokemon rumors in the past?



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