Monster M7 tablet review unimpressive for price

By Peter Chubb - Nov 18, 2013

There are a huge number of 7-inch Android tablets available on the market around the $150 price range, and while some of them have proven great value for money, there are others that you should avoid. While we would hate to run down a tablet that is aimed at people on a tight budget, we do not like the idea of you purchasing one, only to find that they do not live up to expectations.

One such device is the Monster M7 tablet, which is a Walmart exclusive. In a review that was conducted earlier this month by Consumer Reports, it states that this tablet should be avoided at all costs, but why is that?

In the review it was found that the Monster M7 tablet had problems with staying active throughout its review. It was in the process of having extensive battery life tests that it would often freeze. Most of us would perform a shutdown and restart, which is just what the reviewers did, but the issue happened again.

Monster M7 tablet review unimpressive for price

Monster M7 tablet review unimpressive for price

It is hard to know if this was just a faulty unit or if these Monster M7 tablet issues goes much further than that. Consumer Reports is asking that we avoid this tablet at all costs, even if you are enticed by some great deals by Walmart throughout November.

Just so you know, a system update is not planned anytime soon because the tech support team said an update was not expected for at least 8 months, which seems very odd.

We’d love to know if you have had any issues with your Monster M7 tablet because this could be a one-off.

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  • kelemvor

    Anyone know if it’s possible to open the physical tablet if I wanted to glue the usb port in place? I keep seeing tons of reports of the port being loose and coming out or getting push up inside the tablet rendering it useless…

    Also, the freezing issue was supposedly fixed with the firmware update…

    Oh, and it’s only $80 right now at Walmart.

  • Ceci

    Thank you! I purchased a used one. (should have checked reviews 1st) It was frozen at beginning. Sales rep said he done a reset it & works great, so I picked it up. Well day 1 I’m having issues charging. Is sad because I love the sound of music on it, great viewing of books, apps work ok (for only few hours of testing) But I think I’ll get it back within my one day and not mess with these issue. at 20% charging after over hour plugged in, NOT good.

  • Caseycan

    I enjoyed my tablet, worked well, didnt freeze, charged well… For three weeks anyway. At this point something happened in the charging port and wont charge at all. Seems there is something that causes the ports on these units to fail rather quickly. I am now trying to find out if it will cost more to repair than the bargain price my hubby paid when he bought it for xmas. Merry Christmas to me

  • Rom

    I like my Monster M7 but consumer report is right about freezing. I called customer service and went through with me how to reset the system but it happens again and again. Getting frustrated…