GTA V special abilities released as GTA IV PC mod

By Peter Chubb - Nov 18, 2013

Gamers have been enjoying the many different aspects of GTA V for two months now, and in that time we have seen some great videos posted on YouTube. However, because the PC version has yet to be released we feel as though we are missing out on some even better videos.

We say this because you can guarantee the moment Grand Theft Auto V is released on the PC, we will get so see some amazing mods. The people who create these mods are very clever at what they do, and to give you an idea of just how talented they are, we have embedded a video for you below.

The video is of a GTA IV PC mod that makes use of some of the special abilities in GTA V. From what we can see in the video you get to try out the wasted screen and also the explosive melee attacks, which sees you being able to give people on the streets the ultimate sucker punch.

There are some other Grand Theft Auto 5 features brought over to GTA 4 in this mod, which you can check out for yourself below. However, we have to admit, looking at those graphics, the old PC game has not aged that well.

It is for this very reason why PC gamers are craving for Rockstar to make some sort of announcement soon as to the release date of the PC version of GTA V.

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  • bardia

    downoad link?

  • Firuz

    this isnt obviously just 1 mod there is a bunch.

  • Andrew Wilkinson

    Great mod!