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PS4 blinking red light means step away

You might have seen our PS4 blinking red light report yesterday, which detailed the problems some people are having since installing PS4 firmware update 1.50. Today, we wanted to point out that gamers shouldn’t panic too much at this stage considering this PS4 red light is meant to happen under certain conditions.

Sony/EA started out by blaming the PS4 1.50 update for the blinking red light, but later removed this statement with a little explanation of what this red light means. In a nutshell, Sony explains gamers should “take a break” and return to their next-gen console once it has had time to cool down.

The PS4 blinking red light basically means that the machine has overheated, although it is not the same as Xbox 360’s RROD that caused systems to permanently break. EA also explained what gamers should do in a forum thread, and they state you should just “come back later”.

This is great advice, but what if you were in the middle of a much-needed gaming session only to see you PS4 with a red blinking light. Fair enough it’s not broken, but why should you be happy that the PS4 has overheated?

UK gamers have been watching the news closely, as the PS4 and Xbox One release date is yet to land. Microsoft officially explained that they created a much bigger form factor to handle heat dispersion better with Xbox One, and Sony detailed their PS4 heat handling within a recent video.

Product Reviews will have both the Xbox One and PS4 consoles for reviewing of games, but we have had concerns over the much smaller PS4 machine. In our opinion, the PS4 looks much better and we’ve already been hands-on with both next-gen systems with our favorite chosen already from an external point of view.

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The problem now lies with the fact that the PS4 is much smaller, but will this really cause heat problems thanks to creating a smaller design? Time will tell, although it certainly is a worry at this early stage.

If you see the PS4 blinking red light you need to come back later once the machine is cooler, but if it keeps happening you need to contact Sony support.

We would love to hear from our readers if they experienced the PS4 blinking red light moments after turning the machine on, and if this is with a cold machine that’s not been on in a few hours. Leave a comment below if that has happened to you.



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