Madden 25 PS4 Vs PS3, Xbox 360 graphics with complaints

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2013

Now that the PS4 has launched in the US, Madden NFL 25 on PS4 is now available to buy as well. Many fans have been very eager to see how a Madden NFL 25 PS4 Vs PS3 graphics comparison would fair, but it appears that some of you have been a bit disappointed after seeing the quality of graphics on PS4.

Madden 25 released on PS3 back in August, but now the game has been given a new lease of life with the PS4 release on November 15. Players picking up the next-gen version have been expecting a massive boost in graphics quality, but perhaps some have been well feeling slightly disappointed.

Not everyone though – we think the game looks great. Is it perhaps as good as NBA 2K14 though by 2K14 and would 2K14 have done a better job than EA? That’s one question that some fans are starting to wonder.

Nevertheless, feast your eyes on these comparisons and you be the judge on how the next-gen version looks compared to current-gen. Firstly, we have some nice screenshots for you to check out over at GoodGameBro, who compare the PS4 version with the PS3 version of the game – side by side.

Next, we have an excellent video for you to watch below, seeing how Madden 25 NFL looks like PS4 Vs Xbox 360. The differences are very clear cut and there for all to see – so are the early complaints a little harsh we wonder?

If you have picked up the PS4 version of the game, let us know your thoughts on the level of graphics.

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  • M42

    Even with improved graphics Simms still looks like an idiot.

  • bubble

    This is stupid u compare ps4 to 360 show xbox one and ps4 c the difference

  • Tyler Davis

    Welcome to multi-platform gaming. Don’t expect these to be top quality. Look for games that are only on one platform. Those are the ones that will be breathtaking. Cash grabs like sports games are never amazing. Generally the animations are superb, but quality and fidelity are not their strong suit.

  • idme87

    Instrumental Is like dope addictive