Fallout 4 announcement proven by css

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 17, 2013

We have never been so sure that Fallout 4 news is about to arrive and while a release date might not be accompanying this news, we could see a launch window for Fallout 4 with at least a year for planned release.

The Fallout 4 news will arrive in 24 days time, which was hinted first with a beeping noise on a website named The Survivor 2299. The site then added a countdown to 12.11.13 and put this date in their meta description within the code.

While looking at the HTML code on the website The Survivor 2299, we noticed the CSS style sheet was named “fallout.css”. This had to be a silly mistake by the website designer and a clue they really didn’t want to leave, which was proven to be true after they renamed the style sheet file to a random number of characters.


Fallout 4 news is coming with a tease – there you have it Product Reviews readers, The Survivor 2299 will bring a Fallout 4 announcement in 24 days time or specifically on December 12.

The removal of the franchise name from the style sheet only helps confirm what we already knew, but add to that the domain has been registered by ZeniMax Media Inc and a trademark in Europe was filed by Bethesda Softworks LLC for Fallout 4 on November 14.

You can expect a Fallout 4 announcement next month, but what’s on your wishlist and do you have ideas for weapons?

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  • Realistic Thinker

    Wow it’s so hard to title a .css file Fallout. You cracked it guys. Fallout 4 confirmed. Good jaaaab.

    • Joe

      Now that shows how stupid you are, looking forward to the Fallout 4 news so you can eat your words, but for now you can go back to playing with your Barbie dolls.

  • DerAlleinTiger

    Add sprinting and duel-wielding from Skyrim along with the various gameplay features of New Vegas and I’ll pretty much be happy. The rest would be such minor changes that they’re hardly worth listing here. Would be kind of cool if they went back to Chicago, but we’ve been hearing all about Boston and Philadelphia so I’m sure it’ll be one of those instead. Oh, I also want it to look like a wasteland. New Vegas came oh-so-close to failing in that department.

    • Bob Johnson Smithman

      I just hope they make the map as massive or larger than the new GTA, more places to explore the better. The wasteland thing has to be done right – too much and it can be plain, too little and, as you said, it may lose sight of the ‘Fallout feel’. Heck, even being able to drive vehicles and control drones would be great. Either way, I know Bethesda will make the right choices – they always do… (and then there’s mods)