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COD Ghosts PC patch after optimization complaints

While PS4 gamers may be delighted with their copy of Call of Duty Ghosts that looks great, it appears that the PS4 version of the game may be linked to problems with the PC version. Complaints have been coming in from gamers who say that they are having big optimization problems and that developers Infinity Ward need to issue a Call of Duty Ghosts PC patch asap.

Although not confirmed, there has been some suspicion that the PC version of the game has essentially been ported over from PS4. While we don’t believe this is true, it isn’t a secret that the PC version of the game is suffering from one or two issues compared to console.

Some of these problems include frame rate dropping at moments in game, while some have even said that their menus have been lagging whilst trying to set up a game. Graphical problems have also been noted, which you’ll be able to see in a video we’ve added below.

You can understand the necessity for a PC patch with these issues in place, so let’s hope that Infinity Ward is listening. The server numbers on PC compared to Battlefield 4 also seem to be lacking, so it will be interesting to see what the developers can do to get players pumped up for the PC version.

Do you agree that alarm bells were first raised when it was revealed that the PC version needed a 50GB install? Get in touch with us below if you have been having optimization problems with the game.



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