COD Ghosts PC patch after optimization complaints

By Alan Ng - Nov 17, 2013

While PS4 gamers may be delighted with their copy of Call of Duty Ghosts that looks great, it appears that the PS4 version of the game may be linked to problems with the PC version. Complaints have been coming in from gamers who say that they are having big optimization problems and that developers Infinity Ward need to issue a Call of Duty Ghosts PC patch asap.

Although not confirmed, there has been some suspicion that the PC version of the game has essentially been ported over from PS4. While we don’t believe this is true, it isn’t a secret that the PC version of the game is suffering from one or two issues compared to console.

Some of these problems include frame rate dropping at moments in game, while some have even said that their menus have been lagging whilst trying to set up a game. Graphical problems have also been noted, which you’ll be able to see in a video we’ve added below.

You can understand the necessity for a PC patch with these issues in place, so let’s hope that Infinity Ward is listening. The server numbers on PC compared to Battlefield 4 also seem to be lacking, so it will be interesting to see what the developers can do to get players pumped up for the PC version.

Do you agree that alarm bells were first raised when it was revealed that the PC version needed a 50GB install? Get in touch with us below if you have been having optimization problems with the game.

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  • krylke

    i would like to send picture too if i could. I promise im not lying. have no reason too. I live in sweden

  • Friendly_Fire

    I have played the game for a couple of days now and I’ve experienced so much lag and at 1st I figured it might be my connection but ppl during the game have also complained about the lag themselves. It’s made the game unplayable. Need a fix ASAP!!!

  • pigtails

    From my post on the official forums…

    So we purchased Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-release knowing that we would not be able to play it until today because we needed our new PC to arrive. Well, today our Alienware X51 R2 PC arrived and it has the following specs:

    Intel i7-4770 @ 3.40 GHz
    2x 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM (Total: 16 GB)
    NVIDIA GTX-760 2 GB Graphics Card
    2x 1 TB Hard Disk (Total: 2 TB)
    Windows 8 64 bit (6.2, Build 9200)
    HDMI -> Samsung 65″ LCD TV

    I know it’s not the best gaming machine on the planet, and I know it was overpriced. However, it’s pretty good and looks the part in my entertainment system. I have the following software installed:

    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Synapse 2.0 (For my Razer Orbweaver)
    Logitech Gaming Software 8.5 (For my G700s Mouse)
    GeForce Experience (Installed when I downloaded the latest drivers)

    I am not seeing any crashes, though I am not playing very long at all. What I do see is screen freezes in multiplayer pretty randomly and constantly. After a log screen freeze 2 seconds or so, I left the game and alt-tabed to the main Window where I had the performance monitor up. It looks as though during freezes I am seeing 100% disk utilization.

    I do not know if any of this is of help, but we really wanted to play some multiplayer CoD this weekend.

  • Tipstaff

    Just a copy over what I posted on Facebook (in case it gets buried):

    I don’t mean for this to sound like I’m bashing you, but in the article, where did you guys come up with the 50GB install from? Mine is sitting at 32.2GB, and that’s the collectors edition install. Plus for the video, what were the system specs for the PC in question? AMD/Nvidia? What drivers?

    • krylke

      50gb is the size for the hole game. those 32.2gb u talking about is only half the game. The multiplayer and singleplayer is seperate downloads

      • YouBeWrong

        That is incorrect the size on disc of the whole COD Ghosts install is 33GB, that includes both multi-player and single player as you need both installed.

        Please check your data, it is not a 50GB install and never was, even BF4 which looks ridiculously better and uses much higher resolution textures is 25GB on disc installed.

        Please every check with someone that owns it or proper information before believing rubbish. I wouldn’t be surprised if the install size on consoles is even smaller than reported.

        Just as I note on disc is the actual size of the entire game directory on the HDD after install.

        • krylke

          I do have the game and it clearly says: singleplayer: 28,4GB and multiplayer: 20,9GB thats the size u have to download on steam and u dont need to download them both to play.if u only want the multiplayer u can download only that one.

        • Tipstaff

          Something must be up, because Steam is reporting that the single player is 7.9GB, and multiplayer is 25GB on mine (and if the moderator would allow my missing post that had images attached I could prove it). I know if you pre-ordered on Steam you got the extra map, but that can’t account for the discrepancy.

          Out of curiosity, what’s your location? I’m wondering if it’s a localization/language addition that is jacking yours up.