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PS4 red light evidence mounts, consumers fuming

During the middle of October, we informed you about a rather unique incident where we saw a PS4 unit with a red light instead of the usual glowing blue light. At the time it was put down to a one off case, even claims of the image being faked.

However, now that the console is out to buy, it looks like nobody is laughing anymore. There has been an increased number of users who have complained that their PS4 launch system has received a red light too. We have video evidence to show you now, as well as countless user reviews to suggest that this may be happening to more users than Sony had originally anticipated.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of all of this, is that from the video footage we have seen – there doesn’t appear to be one pure explanation as to why consoles are receiving the red light. On more than one occasion we see the user booting up a game, only for it to suddenly stop during loading and switch to a red light and the PS4 signal disappears at same process.

We can’t just put it down to a single case either – just look at all the videos that have been uploaded to this website. You can even read the reviews over at Amazon just to get an idea of what is going on from some users who have picked up the launch edition.

How will Sony respond to this? If it continues, they may have a big problem on their hands despite what they initially stated about it being a minor case with .4% systems that have been affected by problems.

Is your PS4 causing you any problems after launch – have you received a red light or not?



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