Trio Stealth G2 10.1″ Tablet with great user reviews

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2013

We have another tablet for you to consider now, a tablet that probably has gone under the radar somewhat with Google’s recent Nexus 7 domination. Meet the Trio Stealth G2 10.1″ tablet that could be a popular choice throughout this month, especially since those that already have one are posting rave reviews.

We have already told you about some potential options for those that are looking for a cheaper tablet to buy during the sales, who are not worried too much about dazzling specs. The RCA 7-inch Dual Core is a perfect example of this and is already proving to be a big hit with consumers.

The Trio Stealth could be in the same category. If you thought the new Nexus 7 2013 is expensive at $229, we’re hear to tell you that the Trio Stealth is going to be available for a fraction of the price – Walmart are already selling them now for $149.

Features include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, a Dual-Core 1.5Ghz Cortex-A9 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory, MicroSD support and a large 10.1-inch display to enjoy everything on which comes with both rear and front cameras.

Basically put, it’s a very affordable tablet that offers a great deal of functionality for the price. Access to Google Play already grants you countless app opportunities and you may even be able to put a custom Android firmware on too if you want to take things further.

The Trio Stealth G2 10.1″ Tablet user reviews seen so far are very positive. Head to Walmart’s review section here and you’ll see plenty of 5-star comments from happy consumers – most of whom state the Trio Stealth G2 is very easy to use.

Let us know if you have your eye on this tablet too. Are you considering to buy one this month given the low price? – you may even spot some discounts lowering that price further.

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  • frank

    I just bought one and I cant even get it set up to o anything

  • Noah

    I personally have one of these and it has a part of the screen that does not work causing me to flip constantly,

  • skeil7

    Very disappointed in this tablet. I have an Ipad 1 that runs better than this. We bought this for my daughter for Christmas after seeing a bunch of positive feedback online. We have reset it to factory 3 times and now it will not work. Almost feels like buying something that Wal-Mart and the producing company knew was inferior. Wal-Mart will not take the tablet back, so now I am seeing what the company will do.

  • kassie

    Cant use the gallery or camera function….can’t download from email to tablet ….can’t access internal storage…reset…reboot…nothing…getting frustrated….customer service not opened on weekends

  • Lindsey Toomes

    my tablets isn’t working keeps saying my apps aren’t working… Very irratated

  • Frank Arnold

    I got one and in 2 weeks sent it back to Walmart. The screen froze on the trio start page. Got my second one and it is working fine so far. Got mine the day after Black Friday, for $109.99 still a great bargain. Now it is listed for 129.99

  • Brandon

    Watch out. I just got mine for Christmas (from me). I left it on the charger over night and the adapter melted. Serious fire hazard. It even left a mark on my couch.

  • yolo

    Don’t be too sure of this product! People are returning them left and right to Walmart! MYSELF INCLUDED!!! Got mine in the mail today and it malfunctioned within 15 minutes of operation! I read glowing reviews of this product before purchasing for my daughter. I couldn’t pass up the great price either. Either Walmart got a bad batch, or the company is just producing a bad product! And I am not one to bad mouth anything!. The pictures from the back of the tablet are terrible and fuzzy, Not a big deal, it was not purchased as a camera. There seems to be a problem with the screens freezing up, the speaker is poor, and the touch screens are not working properly. (The top portion especially). Mine seemed like someone purchased it and sent it back and they mailed it to me. The usb cord was half out of the plastic bag when I opened the box and upon setting it up, it missed half of the setup options that others displayed on Youtube when demonstrating the product. Look before you leap folks!!!

    • Lindsay Lease

      I’ve been experiencing literally the exact same problems! Mine was bought for me as a christmas gift &I’ve never been able to ise it bc the top 2 inches of the touch screen don’t even work &the screen keeps glitching &freezing every 2 seconds! Walmart wouldn’t take it back so I’m in the process of sending it back to the manufacturer (Mach Speed Technologies). Itd be interesting to know the kind of reviews the company as a whole receives, not just this product.

  • Dweezayne

    I already ordered one and now waiting to receive. Im very excited and can barely wait to have in my hands especially after all of the reviews and feedback I’ve seen from those who already have one.