PS4 1.50 update problems with broken consoles

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2013

While everyone is in a state of ecstasy with the official launch of the PS4 which is now live, it appears that there already some reports of incidents emerging. PS4 problem complaints have started to appear, ranging from faulty HDMI cables, to other problems where the PS4 console has stopped working after installing the PS4 1.50 Day One update.

This isn’t just a rumor either, as Sony has been forced to issue an official statement on the matter after it was revealed that many users have also been experiencing problems after picking up their PS4 console early via promotions.

A collection of these problems has been collated by the guys over at IGN. It includes issues on their own console after updating to the 1.50 firmware and also confirmation that it was happening to other users as well.

After some feedback and after more complaints came in, Sony has decided to act and issued this statement to IGN in relation to the early problems:

“A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.

There have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isn’t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems. The number of affected systems represents less than .4% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction.”

That is the full statement there, which we felt we should include for clarity. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has also chimed into the problems, by issuing this response on Twitter:

There’s also evidence of the HDMI problem up close which has been detailed by Kotaku in the included video below. There is some ongoing commentary from one of the affected users over at Reddit here, which we think you’ll find useful as well.

So there we have it. Sony has said that it is a minor incident affecting a small number of PS4 users. Do you have any issues with your new PS4 after buying one today – before or after installing the 1.50 update? Get in touch with us below.

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  • David James

    Is anyone really surprised by this? It’s called BLEEDING EDGE technology. I prefer to be on the cutting edge, which is about the time they get all the bugs worked out, I can compare PS4 sales and reviews vs XB1 sales and reviews, and make a truly informed decision. It’s new tech, gonna have some bugs. I consider pre-orders of next gen consoles the ‘beta team’. Cause you’re in beta whether you wanna be or not.

    • Admir Karalic

      It’s still SAD that Beta also means 400 $ – 500 $ :/

  • Admir Karalic

    I read all those comments, and read also the comments on other Forums, and people have major issues. I don’t want to bash at Sony, but again I feel like cheated. I used to have a PS3 80GB Retro. Version that crapped out after 13 months of usage, I was pissed and Sony didn’t want to replace it even thought we have our Customer Protection Law. AnywaysI had bought another one the Slim when it came out. I had their service for a Long Time and Ejoyed the Single Player portion of the console because I wasn’t too eagher to get on ONLINE service. At some point I bought a XBOX360 and YES that’s when the changes started, I had to pay for almost everything, but for an instance, I was getting somehow my Money Back in Fun. I had Fun, playing Online like I said wasn’t my main concerne, but after trying it out on both consoles, the XBOX360 just pleased way enought compared to the PS3, I had more for the money I spent and the service was and still is Rock Solide. I expected something bad to Happen with Sony, everytime we were promised something we had to wait for it to happen and when it happened, it didn’t fullfill our expectation or the promises and SONY always back them up by saying it’s either a BETA test or their working on UPDATES. Why, just why can’t they have a Solution Right out of the BOX ? Why is there always a problem with their systeme crapping on people’s face ? You paid for a service, that doesn’t work and now you have to wait to get it replaced. How many times will we have to struggle with companies like SONY ?They just put their product bar too high, SONY isn’t Apple, Apple can allow them self to sell products way more expensvie then they are and still sell many of them, but at least Apple’s promises are for most of them Rock Solide. So what’s next, I know I’m maybe going too far with this and it may be not so much of an issue, but in the END is everybody’s own impression, I waited for something that I wanted very bad, to find out the day it comes out that it just broke down in my hands and now I got to wait even more to get it replaced or repaired, it’s just unacceptable, I can’t wait to see what XBOX ONE will have for us in the BOX, I can expect issues with Kinect or maybe DRM not being applied correctly and still lock us out of games when Off line, but at least I don’t expect RROD’s or HDMI’s ports not working. Feel free to Bash at me and convince me why I’m wrong with my Opinion, in the END Sony will still come out of this Problem, I’m just sad it wasn’t issued before.

  • Djxiej

    I think I got a faulty one..

    Working fine until I installed patch and the system restarted. Now the display is completely gone. Tried holding down power button til second beep and still nothing. On hold with PlayStation now..

  • jay

    I had to rebuild the database after the update, but other then that I only having issues connecting to the psn (still havent connected)

  • Vic

    System is complete junk – unable to play – a game- can’t find- wifi- networks – unable to read disc- online with support for 2 hrs and guy just hangs up on me after saying he’s going to place me on hold and telling me lies

    • Parth

      For fiinding wifi networks, I might have a solution, atleast it worked for me on the ps3. My security was wpa/wpa2 mixed and the ps3 never picked up any signal, then i changed it to wpa personal and apparently it worked wonders. Dont know why the next gen should have such petty issues though.