Pokemon X and Y soundtrack download on iTunes

How addicted to Pokemon X and Y are you? Are you in love with the overall gameplay of Game Freak’s latest effort or do you just adore the music that is featured throughout the game? If it’s the latter, we have some great news for you.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Game Freak is catering to all music fans, by putting the entire Pokemon X and Y up for sale on iTunes. It is live right now and we can tell you that you can own the whole Pokemon X and Y collection for just $9.99.

Right from the Title Screen theme to the calm nature of Santalune Forest, everything from the game is available here. For keen music editors out there, you can even choose to purchase each track individually for $0.99 if there is a certain theme that you are looking for.

We’re not sure why this wasn’t made available sooner, but we’re glad that it is now up for the taking. A total of 212 tracks make up the entire soundtrack, so it sounds a very good deal for $9.99 if you really enjoy the music featured in Pokemon X and Y.

It looks like the soundtrack news has hit home with fans as well. There’s already one positive review on iTunes from one user who is very happy – even going as far to say that he would pay $40 for it if necessary.

View the iTunes page here and let us know if you will be adding the Pokemon X and Y soundtrack to your collection.



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