Element 23″ 720p LED HDTV with warning

By Alan Ng - Nov 15, 2013

If you are a fan of picking up budget televisions during the holiday sales, you should be very familiar with the brand Element. Every year we see some amazing prices for these range of TVs, but the downside to that is picking up a cheap television with less than glamorous specs.

The Element 23″ 720p LED HDTV appears to be another example of this and it looks like consumers are already seeing some early warning signs. We all love to pick up televisions for under $100, but at what cost?

For starters this television set is only going to come with 720p resolution, meaning you cannot even get full HD in 1080p. On top of that, it will only feature a 60 Hz refresh rate, not 120 – although you may be fine with this considering the screen size of just 23-inches.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of considering this TV though, lies in the fact that it is nowhere to be found on the official Element website. Head to their LED section here, and you’ll see that there are no 23-inch models in sight – going from 19-inch up to 24-inch LED models instead.

There are also no Element 23″ 720p LED HDTV reviews or full specs anywhere. Is this an early warning sign that this TV isn’t even worth the low price? After further research, we’ve seen one or two consumer complaints from those who haven’t been happy with their product after purchasing.

Usually we would recommend you to stay clear of any 720p TV, but then again it could be ideal as a TV for your children or just as a secondary TV in a spare bedroom for a guest. Give us your thoughts on this particular model and whether you are considering to get one this month.

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  • Tammy C

    Bought the 23″ at WalMart during the Black Friday sales (2013) brought it home and hooked it up. Other than the sound being very ‘whiney’ and high pitched I thought I got a great deal WRONG. About 3 weeks ago, there was static and popping in the sound coming from the TV. I finally got ahold of Element customer service today. Yep, they will fix the speakers, BUT, I have to box it up, pay for shipping, and wait without a TV for 3+ weeks while they fix this one. What a sorry poor company. And he could have cared less when I repeated (in disgust) his instructions. I will never buy another Element brand. EVERY. They could sell it for $5.00 and I will walk away.Not to mention that I have been unable to find sound bars or speakers to work on it. Had it less than 4 months and it is going bad and now I am out $$$$. That doesn’t work with me.

  • You get what you paid for

    I bought one for our kitchen during the Black Friday sales. The picture is awesome, but the sound SUCKS. It is whiney. Have tried many different products (sound bar that was bigger than the TV, computer speakers, etc) to no avail. NOW….there is massive static and horrible noises coming from it. I recorded it on my phone. I think the speakers are bad already and we have only had it less than 4 months.

  • JustOneAmerican

    I just called the element customer support to get the actual dimensions on this TV as I’d like to stick something cheap in my RV. I’m currently on hold but prior to being placed on hold a recorded message asked that

    “if your calling to get your tuner activation code, please send an email with your model number to the support site and your code will be sent in a few minutes”

    does this mean that when you take this TV out of the box and plug it in it will not work? if so, I sure hope they keep up

  • govskeptic

    Leave it to Wal-Mart to advertiser a size TV that doesn’t even exist in that Brand.

    • KAOS

      Nah their ads are accurate. I just bought one last night and looks great! The speaker is a lil less to be desired. Overall would give it a solid 8.5 especially considering the price of the tv.