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Destiny PS4 in-game trailer with beta exclusivity

The PS4 All Access event is proving to be a very exciting occasion for all fans. We have just had the confirmation of a new Uncharted 4 game for PS4, but now we switch our attention to Destiny. A new trailer has been unleashed running directly on the PS4 hardware, but also fantastic information relating to the Destiny 4 PS4 beta.

This trailer is exciting as this is the newest look at how Destiny is running directly on the PS4 hardware. We’ll add it below for you when it’s available, but now we have some amazing news to give you for those looking to play the beta.

During Sony’s All Access event, Bungie revealed that they have now partnered again with Sony and Activision, to bring the Destiny 4 beta, to Playstation first – before Xbox gamers get their hands on it.

This means that if you pre-order the game, you’ll be able to play the Destiny beta on PS3 and PS4 before Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers can play it. Considering the close ties that Bungie and Microsoft used to have and the fact that Activision are closely tied to Microsoft – this is something of a major coup for Sony.

There’s no date for the beta yet, but we do know it will be taking place sometime in 2014. The new trailer looked very promising as well – all running on the PS4 hardware, so no editing on PC beforehand as we usually see.

What is your reaction to the beta news, are you pleasantly surprised that Sony has managed to pull this off with Activision? Give us your thoughts on the trailer as well, we will add it once it goes live.



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