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PS4 midnight launch at Meijer, Walmart and Sony

There is just a few hours to go before gamers will finally be able to get their hands on the Sony PS4, and for those of you who cannot wait until you get up in the morning, then you have the option to attend several midnight launch events across the US.

We already offered you details of the Best Buy and GameStop midnight launch locations, but what about those of you who have pre-ordered or would like to see if you could be lucky at getting your hands on a PlayStation 4 from a different store?

You’ll be happy to know that the likes of Meijer, Walmart and Sony Stores will be open at midnight. We don’t really have a lot to go on with the PS4 midnight launch locations for Meijer, but we do have a list of stores that is expected to be open for people to pick up pre-orders.

We’ve heard that some Walmart stores will be open at midnight as well for customers to pick up pre-orders, along with selling the few consoles they have. However, going by past events we only expect to see a positive outcome because the staff does seem pretty clueless when it comes to midnight events. We would suggest you ring your local Walmart store to see if they will allow you to pick up a PlayStation 4 at midnight.

Sony Stores will be a lot like Best Buy and will be more organized. Even though they will not open their doors until 12:01am, they will go through people in the line around two hours before that. This will be done to help the process be as smooth as it can be. More details on the process and a list of Sony Stores participating in the PS4 midnight opening event can be found here.



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