Nintendo 3DS XL popularity with Zelda A Link Between Worlds

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2013

If you are looking to pick up a new Nintendo 3DS XL system during the November sales, you should also have an eye on Zelda A Link Between Worlds. The new Zelda title is launching soon and remains the highlight of the year after the excellent Pokemon X and Y.

Nintendo’s 3DS consoles are always a hot product to buy towards the end of the year and we have a feeling that this year will be no different. If you didn’t want to buy a 3DS XL for Pokemon X and Y, you definitely should consider when A Link Between Worlds launches.

Nintendo has picked a release date of November 22 for the game, which is right in the thick of when you can pick up a 3DS XL and the game at a special discount. For those that need reminding, A Link Between Worlds is a sequel to arguably one of the finest games in history – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the classic SNES.

The game is going to be based in the same universe, but with all new elements and worlds to explore. That means a return for the Light and Dark Worlds, but with an entirely new gameplay mechanic which you can read about more here.

At the moment, Amazon could have the cheapest price for a Nintendo 3DS XL console at just $179.99, $20 off from the original price of $199.99. However, don’t be surprised if we see this price slashed further during the sales.

Are you specifically waiting for the deals to begin on the Nintendo 3DS XL? Let us know if Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is going to be your first purchase this month.

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  • ALinkToTheWebcomic SmackJeeves

    I don’t have the money now, but as soon as I do, I’ll play it so I can make comics about it: alinktothewebcomic

  • JD

    I have always wanted a 3ds xl but can’t afford the high price. I’m picking up the physical game (rather than the digital download) to play ALBW on my regular 3ds. Nothing would make me happier, tho, to have the zelda 3ds xl

    • Guest

      ALBW has been getting rave reviews! I can’t wait too! That Zelda 3DS XL does look bossy. Hope you might can get it in the future. I’m sure they will go fast though. Hopefully Nintendo made more than 500K to 1 million of them.

    • Truism

      You could just sell your regular 3DS.