New Humble Bundle titles includes LOTR

There is currently a Humble Bundle sale going on up until and including November 19, 2013. There were six games to be had from Bros. Interactive and we’d like to inform you that there are another four titles to add to that list and new DLC as well. That’s not all; there is also a LOTR title included in the list of sale titles.

The four new sale titles are as follows: F.E.A.R., Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, Gotham City Imposters Professional Kit and Millenium Skins Pack for Batman: Arkham Origins. As for the downloadable content, there is the Guardians of Middle-earth, plus Smaug’s Treasure DLC and sticking with that theme, Lord of the Rings Online Steely Dawn Starter Pack.

The LOTR special pack allows gamers to name their price for a collection of games, although they will need to pay on average $4.62 in order to take advantage of the offer.

Humble Bundle has become very popular this past year, and judging by these latest offers, and its domination with its charitable store, 2014 is set to be even better.



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