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LG 55LN5100 LED HDTV missing review creating anxiety

If you are looking for a new television that is going to replace your current living room TV, you may be interested in picking up the LG 55LN5100 LED HDTV. This LG TV is sure to be a popular choice among consumers during the Holiday period, but there appears to be a little anxiety creeping in.

LG are obviously a household name and the company’s current lineup of TVs are very capable of offering great performance compared to rival sets from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Sharp. This particular model though, the lG 55LN5100 appears to be something of a mystery though, as there are currently no reviews to be found.

Usually we would point you in the direct of some fantastic user reviews from places like Amazon, but it appears that this model is fresh off the shelves and will be available to buy this November for the first time, as a one-off.

User reviews are usually a good indication on whether the TV is worth the cash that you are about to drop, but it looks like you’ll have to make a difficult decision on whether the LG 55LN5100 is worth buying, especially without being able to read any feedback prior to purchase.

What we do know in terms of LG 55LN5100 TV specs, is that the display is going to be LED quality and will feature a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is a very pleasing piece of information to take into account, especially when we still see other 55-inch TVs being shipped with a refresh rate of 60 Hz only.

We can also tell you that you’ll get 2 HDMI inputs with this TV, as well as full HD resolution with 1080p and USB access for those with external drives.

Give us your thoughts on this. Do you trust the LG brand enough, to drop your money on this during the sales without reading review or not?



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