LG 55LN5100 LED HDTV missing review creating anxiety

By Alan Ng - Nov 14, 2013

If you are looking for a new television that is going to replace your current living room TV, you may be interested in picking up the LG 55LN5100 LED HDTV. This LG TV is sure to be a popular choice among consumers during the Holiday period, but there appears to be a little anxiety creeping in.

LG are obviously a household name and the company’s current lineup of TVs are very capable of offering great performance compared to rival sets from the likes of Sony, Samsung and Sharp. This particular model though, the lG 55LN5100 appears to be something of a mystery though, as there are currently no reviews to be found.

Usually we would point you in the direct of some fantastic user reviews from places like Amazon, but it appears that this model is fresh off the shelves and will be available to buy this November for the first time, as a one-off.

User reviews are usually a good indication on whether the TV is worth the cash that you are about to drop, but it looks like you’ll have to make a difficult decision on whether the LG 55LN5100 is worth buying, especially without being able to read any feedback prior to purchase.

What we do know in terms of LG 55LN5100 TV specs, is that the display is going to be LED quality and will feature a 120 Hz refresh rate. This is a very pleasing piece of information to take into account, especially when we still see other 55-inch TVs being shipped with a refresh rate of 60 Hz only.

We can also tell you that you’ll get 2 HDMI inputs with this TV, as well as full HD resolution with 1080p and USB access for those with external drives.

Give us your thoughts on this. Do you trust the LG brand enough, to drop your money on this during the sales without reading review or not?

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  • Aj

    The refresh rate is fine. It does have the trumotion option in the menu. I got this tv for $479 ($20 off for using best buy card). The picture is great. Black levels are not as deep as on my plasma but it still looks great. I have no problem with blurring on Xbox 360 games and sports. It seems like people are getting caught up in numbers and specs instead of actual performance.

    • hg109

      If I may ask, what picture settings are you using? I’ve tried for weeks to find something I can live with. Thanks!

  • evWith7

    NOT A 120HZ SET. The model number above this is listed as 60hz at LG’s website, there’s no menu options for tru motion, and compared to 60hz sets, the image is even WORSE. I took mine back to best buy the next day and they ARGUED with me about whether it was 120hz. I had them set it up next to a 60hz tv and shows the image was even worse and they STILL said 120hz. These non-thinking best buy drones simply looked at their ad and kept saying “It’s listed as 120hz, so it ‘s 120hz.” So there’s no options to turn it on, the better model isn’t 120hz, and other tvs blow it out of the water. HMMMMMMMMM

  • Joel Palos

    I bought one myself on Thanksgiving @ bestbuy. So far I am satisfied. Not a gamer but I watch alot of football. My fist program was the Balt – Pitt game and I enjoyed the picture very much. I am very happy about this deal.

  • Clay Davis

    I bought this TV and it is definately not 120. My 42 inch LG Plasma from 4 years ago has a better picture and that’s a 60. The black levels aren’t the greatest either. A bargain for 499.00, but I’m probably taking it back

  • I just contacted LG using their online chat function and their rep insisted that the TV is 120hz. That definitely seems odd given the fact that all the other TV’s in this class are 60hz, but she insisted. Maybe Best Buy made that a requirement for the model for competitive purposes, who knows? I haven’t opened it up yet (just got it today), but I’m definitely wary now. The LG rep said it was 120hz. I’ll be really irritated if it’s not (I watch a lot of football and action movies).

  • Bobby

    Most 120HZ televisions are really 60HZ, but technically it is 120HZ because they use an additional software to make it 120HZ. Most televisions have this software feature to make the picture better. Hope this helps.

    • evWith7

      Right but the issue is if that software is present in this set, it definitely isn’t turned on. I mean literally, a 60hz set from Sony at best buy had better image than this.

      WTF are we settling for as 120hz these days? Why would anyone let LG and best buy get away with selling this as such? It seems all it takes anymore is to simply SAY the set is 120hz. So the screen refresh rate is 60, there’s no menu options for controlling tru motion, and the image is worse than sets advertised as 60hz. WTF is 120 hz anymore????

  • chared99

    i called Best Buy corporate who lied and said this tv is 120 HZ yet the agent from BB called LG who admitted the 51 series is all 60 hz so BB spent millions in it’s BF Ad’s for false advertisement so people can spend days in a tent to only know they were lied to; How ghetto is BB? Another Deceptive Dishonest Grinch who wants to ruin your Thanksgiving thinking you got a good deal when you were screwed

    • evWith7

      I’m just now finding all these complaints that matched up to mine. I was probably one of the first people to return the set to best buy and they argued with me, even almost convinced me I was wrong. I wasn’t, and all the complaints across the internet prove that. I hope they got plenty of returns that day. I feel so vindicated right now.

  • JackStrawman

    I just went to Walmart and checked this TV out. It’s selling like hotcakes, but I did not buy. The Walmart model is LN5100, and it is 50 inches, not 55. And yes, it is 60Hz, not 120Hz. It only has 2 HDMI ports.

    BUT…it’s only $448! What a deal!

    I don’t know if the one at BestBuy will be the same. The BestBuy ad states 55 inch, 120Hz. But the same model number – LN5100 – right now at Walmart is 50 inch, 60Hz.

  • Taylor WeedWall

    The TV is not 120hz or even True Motion 120hz like WalMart and Best Buy are saying. None of the 5100 models are 120hz they are ALL 60hz refresh rate, no true motion or anything. Buyers beware both WalMart and BestBuy are MALICIOUSLY lying to get your business since these are brand new models made specifically for 2013 Black Friday and intent of lying is nearly impossible to prove against these companies.

    • Moonglum85

      where did you get the information that it’s only a 60hz refresh rate from? It specifically says on the BestBuy website that it’s TruMotion 120hz refresh…

      • Taylor WeedWall

        WalMart has already started selling this new LG model number ln5100 it was also stated to be 120hz for their pre Black Friday event. They are carrying a 50in but its the same model number. Lg50ln5100 and Best Buy has the Lg55ln5100 they are both new model exclusives to the specific stores created with the intent to be sold as door busters on Black Friday. They are both advertised as 120hz True Motion, but NEITHER are. The ln5400 a higher lg model doesnt have True Motion, so certainly this cheaply designed model won’t. Different sizes but same model design which means it has all the same features, its already been confirmed on WalMarts ln5100, Best Buy hasn’t released theirs yet but I KNOW its the same thing.

        • Moonglum85

          Thanks! i didn’t know that WalMart had already started selling the 5100 models. I definately agree that if the 5400 model doesnt’ have the truMotion why would they put it on the cheap doorbuster model. Appreciate the reply!

        • Taylor WeedWall

          Honestly they’re still good TVs I got the 50in from Walk Mart for $440, even if its not 120hz the picture is very good and a good size but the refresh rate is being falsely advertised by these two stores right now to get everyone to come in because refresh rates are a big thing right now in TVs.

        • Moonglum85

          I’m looking for a 1080p to put my Xbox ONE on, so I’m definately one that is worrying about refresh rate because its going to be used for almost nothing but gaming and watching football 🙂

    • Tallest Skil

      This sounds like a class action lawsuit will be upon Wal-Mart AND Best Buy. They can’t even agree on the size of the display, much less get the refresh rate correct.

      If, that is, they are incorrect about the rate. How did you measure it?

      • Taylor WeedWall

        The sizes are correct many types manufacturers will produce the same model in multiple sizes. Best Buy has the 55in version of this model while WalMart has the 50in version, but they are both considered the same model with the same features. Neither are 120hz, you only find this out in the manual specs and hitting info on the TV remote.