GoPro HERO3 camera receives 360 Actioncam

The GoPro HERO3 camera specs are pretty impressive on their own thanks to it being light and tiny, but things can be improved even further with a new gadget called the Actioncam 360 that promises good things for all GoPro head cams.

You can see the GoPro HERO3 specs for its latest plus version deliver 30 percent more battery life, much faster built-in Wi-Fi, a 20 percent smaller form factor, professional video recordings in HD, ability to capture 12 megapixel still images and a time lapse mode for capturing photos automatically at different intervals.

The GoPro HERO3 also delivers advanced wind-noise reduction along with professional sound quality, less distortion and shaper images, and the GoPro app for a lot of control on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. You can see the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition unboxed in a video below this article.

Meet the Actioncam 360 – the image above on this page showcases a GoPro Hero2 with an Actioncam 360 attached that was featured in an article on the Metro. They explain the gadget was demoed at the Gadget Show in London.

In a nutshell, the Actioncam 360 will allow the user to attach to a GoPro camera and capture 360-degree video with just one camera. Once you have taken the footage you want, then you use software to process the video and make it fully interactive.

Many of Product Reviews readers will know 360 cameras well from seeing Google’s Street View camera in action, and this isn’t too far away from what that technology does.

While the average consumer might not want to create 360-degree video, the GoPro camera owners will love the idea and ability to make their action videos a lot more interactive.

Would you like to capture 360-degree video with your GoPro camera? The Actioncam 360 is also waterproof up to 40 meters, so it seems soon the limits will truly be down to your imagination.



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