Fallout 4 Morse code, date for news release

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 14, 2013

Finally, some real Fallout 4 news or at least what seems to be thanks to a domain being registered by Bethesda containing the words The Survivor followed by numbers 2299. The most interesting part is when you visit the domain in question with your speakers turned on.

The website currently contains a black space with nothing else other than some sound, and it’s the beeping noise that is most interesting thanks to this actually being Morse code.

From what we can tell, and a number of other gamers on social networks, this seems to be a Morse code message hinting at Fallout 4 news about to release within the next month.

The consensus is that the code delivers “11.12.13” and this would certainly not be the Fallout 4 release date, but we feel it has to signal the launch of a tease or trailer for the next game.

Take a look for yourself at thesurvivor2299.com. If you know Morse code well, then leave a comment below with what you make the message to be.

There are a lot of clues towards why this is a domain for Fallout 4 and this is certainly some of the best news, or rumor, towards something finally about to launch.

In the code of the website you will find a reference to youtube.com/user/BethesdaSoftworks/videos that’s next to a coded link to an audio file playing on loop. There’s also plenty of JavaScript checking for the current date and hinting towards a countdown to 11.12.13, when Fallout 4 news would likely arrive.

If anything else, The Survivor sounds like a Fallout 4 protagonist that would fit in with names of previous characters. This news follows an article we published a few days ago, which revealed a lot of fans crying out for something solid to arrive soon and even at the Spike TV Awards next month.

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  • mack

    if they only do it for next gen onsule im gonna be majorly POed

  • Tim

    if you start the translation point from when the web page loads, it definitely says 12.11.13.

  • Cole

    The font used on the website is labeled as Fallout.css

  • Samuel Ulfsson

    I think that the Morse code actually turns out to be 12/11/13, which seems to be the only date available date that Fallout 4 news would come out. The date also coincided with the timer on the website, which counted down 26 days until… something. Fingers crossed for Fallout 4