Battlefield 4 outrun a boat moment shows weakness

By Peter Chubb - Nov 14, 2013

We’ve already seen a bunch of BF4 moment videos, but we have to say this latest is one of the weariest. The Battlefield 4 How to Outrun a Boat shows weakness because it is not one of the better videos, and to us has people in them being more like actors than gamers.

Okay, we know they are actors, but that is surely not the message that EA does not want to put across? We say this because if they were real gamers then the perfect moment would be screaming into a mic when someone is meant to place a bomb, but choose not to move to the intended target.

There are other similar Battlefield 4 moments, such as being next to a MCOM station and not disarming it.

Most of the BF4 moments are pretty weak, and we are sure you can come up with better ones yourself, which we invite you to do. Having said that, we’d have to wonder what your Call of Duty Ghosts moment would be?

Going back to the moment in hand. We have embedded the video for you below, which sees Sebastien evade a boat and just about missing a collapsing building.

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  • Admir Karalic

    Okay eum, this article is pointless.

    • Coolplayer4444

      Yes, it is stupid. I don’t even think this is an article or is made by an 10 years old who plays too much Call of Duty.