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Vizio E601i-A3 LED HDTV specs and review from 1000’s

We have been keeping you up to date with some potential targets that you may be interested in if you are looking to buy a new TV during the Holiday Sales. This week, we are going to focus on the Vizio E601i-A3 Smart LED HDTV, as we have specs to share with you as well as over 1000 user reviews to read through.

Professional TV reviews may be useful, but you’ll agree that reviews from actual users who have bought the TV are much more worthwhile to you, especially with the high costs involved and the potential threat of regretting that purchase.

With this in mind, take a look at the Vizio E601i-A3 Smart LED HDTV, which you’ll be able to pick up this year with a significant discount in place. It features a massive screen that is just waiting to be used for gaming and the good news is that many consumers are delighted with its functionality.

We’ve picked out some of the user reviews over at Amazon to give you an idea of what people are saying about this television:

“I’ve never had a vizio before, but I’m a convert now. We currently have a 55″ LG in the living room and this in the bedroom, and man talk about quality AND price! The smart TV is great and allows us to have an all in one system without spending a fortune. I was nervous about getting a 720 60z but it’s able to keep up with a PS3, movies and everything we’ve thrown at it and not blink an eye.”

As you can see, many consumers who have already bought the television are very pleased and there is thousands more reviews to read via this link. It is worth mentioning that despite the comments above, this television offers 1080p and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Would you recommend this TV or not?
Would you recommend this TV or not?

Other key features include 4 HDMI inputs, extensive multimedia inputs for audio and video, WiFi support and also a 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Be sure to check out the full list of Vizio E601i-A3 LED HDTV specs through the official website here.

For those that already have one of these 60-inch beasts, let us know if you are happy with the purchase or not. Would you recommend others to buy one during the sales or not? We’ve added a video review below from CNET just for good measure.



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