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PS4 1080p Killzone gameplay challenges PC gamers

With just days to go until the launch of the PS4, we have a feeling that most of you will have opted to go for the Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 bundle. We’ve all seen how impressive the game has looked in the build-up to launch, but now we have one last gameplay preview to show you – in full 1080p quality.

We all know that the game is going to be 1080p native resolution, running at either 30FPS in single-player mode or 60FPS on multiplayer. It’s a game that is easily one of the best looking out of all the PS4 launch titles and now you have one last chance to see its beauty up close and personal.

A new 12-minute direct feed gameplay video has emerged on YouTube, showing off Killzone Shadow Fall in all its glory. The beautiful graphics are there for all to see, especially some of the amazing lighting effects used on the environments and textures around you as you’re playing.

This video has actually been uploaded to YouTube in 1440p, which actually gives you a much more solid look at how this video will translate to 1080p on PS4. YouTube’s upload restrictions caps the footage at 30FPS remember, but see if your computer can handle running this at 1440p to show the video in its fullest form.

Who isn’t impressed with these graphics? Even some PC owners may have to look at this and say that Killzone Shadow Fall is looking pretty decent in the graphics department. If we were Sony, we would use this clip to officially market the game as a ‘last minute’ peak at Killzone before launch.

Enjoy the video below, remember to select the video quality to 1440p and let us know if you can run it on full settings.



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