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Pokemon X and Y Shiny Sylveon gameplay for hunters

It has been a while since we last gave you an update on the current status regarding shiny Pokemon in X and Y. We can bet that players are still addicted to the game as they look to get as many as possible. We’ve told you about the likes of shiny mega Gengar and shiny Honedge, but how about adding shiny Sylveon to that collection?

Sylveon attracted a lot of attention prior to the release of the game, largely due to the fact that it was one of the main Pokemon to be grouped in the new Fairy type, whilst also being a brand new evolution of series favorite Eevee.

We now have a couple of videos to show you, giving you a look at shiny Sylveon in action. The first clip gives you a walkthrough on how to evolve a shiny Eevee into the magical shiny Sylveon. For those still needing to get an Eevee – you may want to give the Friend Safari a go, help on this can be found here.

The other clip shows shiny Sylveon being used in a WiFi battle, giving you a solid look at its new form factor – and also a look at shiny Sylveon performing Moonblast as well if you are looking to see that.

Do you agree that shiny Sylveon is one of the nicest shiny creatures in the whole game, or have you already seen and caught better? Don’t forget about the mysterious method of tipping the waiter, which many players believe will increase the odds of finding a shiny.

Check out shiny Sylveon and let us know if you have caught one already or still hunting.



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