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Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack PS4 reviews take a beating

With the Sony PS4 console set to launch officially within hours, we’re pleased to see that the first ‘official’ game reviews are also going live too. Reviews are out for the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Mark Cerny’s Knack, but unfortunately the conclusions on both games are not going to be what you were probably expecting.

You won’t need us to tell you that there has been a lot of interest and hype on Killzone Shadow Fall. It is arguably the best looking game that Sony has to offer in terms of PS4 graphics potential at launch, but now it looks like the jury is out on how the game actually plays.

Unfortunately, there has been some rather worrying reviews for the game. One in particular comes from Polygon, who have only awarded Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4 a 5/10. According to them, they believe that the game is ‘stuck in the past’, ‘poorly retreads shooter cliches’ and that Killzone Shadow Fall is ‘sitting at the bottom’ of PS4 launch shooters – ouch.

It’s a similar story over on Kotaku who have awarded the game with a ‘No’. However, Kotaku has decided to give Knack a ‘Yes’, but that hasn’t stopped Mark Cerny’s game from taking a pounding elsewhere.

Knack has been given a somewhat embarrassing 4/10 by Eurogamer, which you have to say is a major surprise given the pre-launch hype and speculation. Joystiq has also decided to award Knack with a dismal 1.5/5 score, which also doesn’t cast the game in a good light.

Are you shocked by both sets of scores for the two PS4 launch games after so much promise? Let us know if you will still pick up the games despite what reviewers have been saying about them.



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