iPad mini 2 Retina screen problems, yellow returns

By Peter Chubb - Nov 13, 2013

Apple has yet to resolve the crashing and flickering problems with its iPad Air, this is because iOS 7.0.4 has yet to be released. Apple were quick to rectify the issues with the MacBook Pro and Mavericks, so why the long wait for the tablet update? If that wasn’t bad enough, we have since learned that an old problem has come back to haunt one of its latest devices.

While doing some searching around on some forums we have found that there are a few iPad mini 2 owners suffering with Retina screen problems. It seems that the yellow tint is back for some owners, and it does not seem to be an issue that is going away.

There had been some suggestions that it would go away in time because of the gluing process, something we have seen with some iPhone models from the past, but this doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

Some retina iPad minis experiencing yellow screen issues

Some retina iPad minis experiencing yellow screen issues

Several owners with an iPad mini with Retina said that if you have a yellow tint on your screen, then chances are it will not go away. This is because the gluing process is not the same as it is for the iPhone. Most people are saying if your iPad mini 2 has a yellow screen problem, then you will need to contact Apple in order to exchange it for a new unit.

There have been some suggestions to run the new iPad mini at maximum brightness for a few days and if it is still there, then that is the time to return it to Apple.

We would just like to add this is not a widespread issue, but it is still not good news for Apple, as it seems they just cannot eradicate this yellow screen issue.

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  • TabbyBoy

    I’ve had my iPad Mini 2 for about 6 weeks and it’s developed a yellow tint graduating from the middle to the home button. I knew about this problem and was looking for it for the first few weeks and it was perfect as I knew I had a good one – I was wrong!. I went to an Apple store and one of the “geniuses” acknowledged the problem saying it’s a very common complaint (most are affected or will be) and has promised to source one for me with a Samsung display as the LG ones appear to be the ones mostly affected. Forget burn-in, white photo, hair dryer, etc. as you simply have to return it. I’m one of those people that can’t accept a device knowing that it has a problem especially with a 32GB Cellular/Wifi model costing about £500. I’m surprised that Apple would risk their reputation by using LG instead of Samsung and getting things made in China of all places.

  • Truffol

    This could very well be one of the reasons leading to such limited supply at launch. I have faith in Apple’s handling of defective units. They handled the battery drain issue of the iPhone 5s and the SSD failures on MY 2012 MBAs pretty well. They aren’t likely to take these complaints likely on such an important product.

  • Richard

    Bought (From a Preimum Apple Reseller) a new iPad Mini Retina (White) and it had a yellow tint towards the bottom of the screen. Returned it be replaced and had extactly the same issue with the replacement. May be a bad batch, why is Apple silent about this issue.

  • William

    From my perspective, it is ideal for Apple to make an in-time official response. They need to clarity whether it is a hardware problem or something else rather than maintaining silence. The end users of Apple, majority of them, including me, are the fans of Apple and crazy about its associated products. We are willing to pay more money on their product just because the products, as well as services, delivered by Apple are the best in contemporary market. However, two weeks after the incident, there is still no official response from Apple. My friends, who are also fans of Apple, and I feel very sorry for the move. After returning the problematic ipad air back to the store, we temporarily have no interest in purchasing a new set (or taking another lottery). Maybe waiting for ipad air 2 (ipad 6), hope at that time, the problem is solved. ^_^|||