GTA V explosive melee attacks entices cheaters

By Peter Chubb - Nov 13, 2013

Whenever a new game is released chances are a small percentage of gamers do not have the patience to spend hours, days and months trying to complete all the main and side missions, and so feel the need to cheat. This is not the right way to go about things because it means that you would not be able to get your moneys worth.

This is just what we have seen with GTA V, but it was nice to see Rockstar come up with a new weapons system that stops cheaters. However, this did not stop them looking for other cheats, and while we do not agree with this, it is just the way the industry works.

While we do not wish to offer you a list of all the cheats for Grand Theft Auto 5, we have seen a great amount of interest in one in particular, and that is the explosive melee attacks.

In the video that we have embedded for you below you will get to see the explosive melee attacks in action, and we can’t help but love this one. Okay, so it is a cheat, but how cool would it be if this was not a cheat and that it made it as part of the game. You could earn the boost in energy, or seeing as though GTA has always been controversial, you could see yourself head to a gym and take some illegal substance to enhance your strength.

The second video is even more awesome and gives you an idea of what it would be like if The Hulk was part of GTA V because the damage caused by explosive melee attacks is epic.

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