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Element ELEFT502 TV specs with review uncertainty

Were you a consumer that picked up an Element television last year during the sales? If you didn’t you would have missed out on a product that was available with a massive discount. This year, it looks like Element TVs are again going to be in favor, specifically the Element ELEFT502 TV.

Unfortunately though, this TV appears to be something of a mystery and an uncertain gamble for those looking to splash the cash on one during November. We say this as there are currently no Element ELEFT502 TV reviews whatsoever, meaning you cannot hear what other consumers have to say on this TV.

Fortunately, there is a full breakdown of Element ELEFT502 TV specs to share with you and the TV does look very promising in terms of capability, for the asking price that is. For starters, we have an LED 50-inch display which features full 1080p resolution.

There’s also a 20000:1 contrast ratio and support for media files such as MP3 and JPEG for those that want to plug in an external USB hard drive to the television. Sadly though, there are only two HDMI slots on this TV and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, not 120 Hz which some of you may be expecting with a 50-inch LED.

As mentioned above though, there are no reviews to be found online which is a bit dubious – including Element’s official website. Retailers Target are selling this for $600 right now on their website, but there are no included guest reviews on their product page, which is very strange compared to say Amazon who would usually have hundreds of user reviews readily available.

This TV may be going for an incredibly cheap price this month, but are you willing to risk it for those specs and a lack of reviews so far? Get in touch with us below and give us your experience of picking up an Element TV in the past.



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