Element ELEFT502 TV specs with review uncertainty

By Alan Ng - Nov 13, 2013

Were you a consumer that picked up an Element television last year during the sales? If you didn’t you would have missed out on a product that was available with a massive discount. This year, it looks like Element TVs are again going to be in favor, specifically the Element ELEFT502 TV.

Unfortunately though, this TV appears to be something of a mystery and an uncertain gamble for those looking to splash the cash on one during November. We say this as there are currently no Element ELEFT502 TV reviews whatsoever, meaning you cannot hear what other consumers have to say on this TV.

Fortunately, there is a full breakdown of Element ELEFT502 TV specs to share with you and the TV does look very promising in terms of capability, for the asking price that is. For starters, we have an LED 50-inch display which features full 1080p resolution.

There’s also a 20000:1 contrast ratio and support for media files such as MP3 and JPEG for those that want to plug in an external USB hard drive to the television. Sadly though, there are only two HDMI slots on this TV and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, not 120 Hz which some of you may be expecting with a 50-inch LED.

As mentioned above though, there are no reviews to be found online which is a bit dubious – including Element’s official website. Retailers Target are selling this for $600 right now on their website, but there are no included guest reviews on their product page, which is very strange compared to say Amazon who would usually have hundreds of user reviews readily available.

This TV may be going for an incredibly cheap price this month, but are you willing to risk it for those specs and a lack of reviews so far? Get in touch with us below and give us your experience of picking up an Element TV in the past.

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  • David Crew

    Picked one up on black friday. Yesterday the picture just went out. Sound still works and all the other features worked. Picture was great until it just suddenly went dark. Used a flashlight with the lights out and can see ghost images on the screen. So after a little research it seems like its one of the inverters. Contacted Element and they won’t replace the tv under warrant, only refund the money. Bought a 2 year warrant from Target and turns out you can’t use it until year 2 begins. smh

    Gonna send in for a refund today and probably just toss the tv. Pick up another from Costco under warranty since they will honor their warranties. I was totally down to pay for s&h to get it repaired and what not. Poorly played by both Element and Target.

  • Disappointed Owner

    I bought one from Target on Thanksgiving and very soon after found the volume button wouldn’t work, it would only go from the highest level to the lowest & wouldn’t stop anywhere in between. Today i’m watching tv, turn around to do something in the kitchen and when I came back into the living room the picture was gone, only had a black screen. I have the tv hooked up to a receiver with a digital cable box and haven’t had any problems with the picture aspect of the tv until today. I check all the connections and tried changing to the xbox but still nothing, volume is okay but what good is it without a picture. Didn’t expect a lot from this tv for the price but did expect it to last more than a month. Going to call the company but think first before buying.

  • Apex Predator

    I am sincerely surprised. I purchased three of these and couldn’t be happier. The picture is super bright, crisp and the sound is excellent. This unit easily competes with higher-end manufactures. Great Buy!

    • Ron G

      I bought this TV and was wondering if it has a digital tuner. I can’t get any digital channels, only analog. I can’t believe any TV sold only comes with an analog tv tuner. My cable only carries extended cable in digital format. Or did I just get a defective tv?

      • Ryan

        I have the same problem. Any solutions?

        • Ashley

          I have been told by Element that Target advertised the TV wrong and the TV does not actually have a built in QAM Tuner. This will not effect any one who has a cable box hooked up to it, however for those of us who were expecting plug and play per the website description it will not work unless you purchase a QAM Tuner!!!!

        • Mau

          Well, my TV is getting both analog and digital with a rabbit anntena

  • Average Joe

    I actually did pick up this tv during Black Friday. So far,so good I am quite impressed with the picture quality. The only downside to this tv is the hdmi ports are located inconveniently facing downward. But for $ 244 to have that only complaint is not enough for me to act hastily to return it.

  • Lawrence

    I just read the infro offered on Target’s online site about this Element 50″ tv ( ELEFT502 ) It seems that you need a HD Set-Top Box to get HD… I tried to search online for a set-top box & all that came up was HD bluray players..Is this what we need to have a HD1080 picture ??? ( BluRay players I have ) What about the picture from Dish, Directv, ETC !!! Does anybody know the answers to this before I buy… But it’s such a great buy today 11/29/13 at Target at $229.99 I just might take a chance !!! Lawrence

  • Dehumanization

    I’m picking one up in a couple hours, 4 to be precise (I figure if it is a total dud I’ll just return it in a couple days). But I’ll put up a bit of info when I get my hands on it.