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Xbox One game install sizes list for downloads

We have a very useful heads-up for those that want to pick up the Xbox One console, but are worried about file sizes taking up two much space on that 500GB hard drive. The good news is that a list has now emerged, giving you an exact idea of how much you will need to install each particular launch game.

Just like the Sony PS4, the Xbox One is going to launch with a very healthy list of games to choose from, offering a selection of multiple genres to take your fancy. For example, games include Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts at launch, but you’ll first have to install the game to the hard drive before you can play it.

The installing of Xbox One games is going to be a mandatory feature for the system, meaning that every user will first have to do this before playing. We can tell you that Battlefield 4 is going to need a 33GB install once you put the disc in, while Call of Duty Ghosts needs as much as 39GB.

Other notable games include 31GB for Forza Motorsport, 20GB for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, 19GB for Dead Rising 3 and only 8GB needed for FIFA 14. For those looking to pick up some of the other Xbox One launch games that will be available, you’ll find the full list here over at Neogaf.

What are your thoughts on some of those install sizes – do you think Call of Duty Ghosts is a bit on the extreme side? Unlike the PS4, remember that the Xbox One hard drive cannot be upgraded, so you will be stuck with 500GB until Microsoft decides to bring out a console with a higher capacity.

Let us know which you games you will be installing on your hard drive. As far as we know, the install sizes could relate to both physical discs and digital downloads.



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