Team Fortress 2 update rectifies problems

- Nov 12, 2013

If you have been experiencing problems with Team Fortress 2, then you will be happy to learn that an update is live to fix some issues created during the Halloween celebration. Valve made the full Team Fortress 2 patch notes live and explained a few things to do when installing this update.

You can see the small list of patch notes for this Team Fortress 2 update on the official blog, and that post also explains that you should restart your Steam client if you run into install problems.

The main changes in this update include the requirement for SSE2 has been removed, the Grandmaster updates its model dependent on the current kill streak, and the Jupiter Jumpers have been updated so they can now be equipped with Gunboats and Mantreads.

There’s also a few details in this Team Fortress 2 update that relate to the Halloween event, so take a look via the above link to read the full patch notes and feel free to leave a comment below after playing the game with this update installed. If you run into any install problems, then hit the comments with these details as well.

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