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Samsung NXF1, possible Nikon Df full-frame DSLR rival

If we were to rewind back a few years the only big player that Nikon had to worry about was Canon, but like most other markets competition is much tougher. One of the biggest rivals that Nikon now has to worry about is Samsung, not because of the number of cameras they currently have to compete with the big camera maker, but rather its money and intentions.

Samsung does not have a huge DSLR showing, and what they do have cannot compete with the likes of Canon or Nikon, but that could be about to change if a recent rumor is true. There have been suggestions that the Samsung full-frame camera that was due for release in early 2014 could be called the NXF1.

A recent listing shows that the Samsung NXF1 could be released very soon and if true looks to be the full-frame DSLR, which would be a rival to the Nikon Df. It is still not certain if this is true or not, and if it is, there is a chance that the NX camera could be of a different type and not a full-frame DSLR.

We could be looking at Samsung's full-frame DSLR
We could be looking at Samsung’s full-frame DSLR

However, Photo Rumors seems almost certain that this is the rumored full-frame DSLR because they believe that the F in its name could stand for full frame.

If this is the real deal, then the likes of Nikon could be in real trouble. This is because Samsung products are often cheaper than some of its rivals, and also the fact that they would often flood the market with different models in the hope that something sticks.



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