Funai LF320FX4F 32 LED TV outside India

By Peter Chubb - Nov 12, 2013

For years the Indian market has had to sit by and watch many items sell very well around the world, only for them to feel left out. However, seeing as though India is considered an emerging market, it is very important for some of the big consumer electronics manufacturers to fully embrace the country.

However, from time-to-time we see certain consumer electronics items available in India only, and while this might be a huge deal to most of you, it is for those of you on a budget. We say this because when you see products like the Funai LF320FX4F 32 LED T we know that it will sell very well in this current economic climate.

You will now be pleased to learn that this TV model is available outside India, such as the US. The brand is not a well-known one, but that is perfect because it means you will not pay over the top like some of the more popular brands.

The Funai LF320FX4F 32 LED TV is not just for the Indian market

The Funai LF320FX4F 32 LED TV is not just for the Indian market

Walmart currently show that the Funai LF320FX4F TV costs $98, although they are currently not letting people purchase them as yet. It is not known if they have stock issue, or they are just making certain they will be able to meet supply and demand once they start to sell them?

This model is not going to give you the best viewing enjoyment while watching movies and sporting events, but if you are looking for a TV that will give you a middle of the road viewing experience and will be kind on your pocket, then the Funai LF320FX4F will be right up your street.

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  • Linda

    Got this TV for Christmas; it worked maybe 4 to 5 hours and quit. I tried everything and it will not turn on. This TV is going back to Walmart. Would not recommend.

  • Richard PC

    BTW the Funai has 3 HDMI inputs, not 2 as advertise by Wal-mart.

  • Richard PC

    I just hooked up mine and I’ll say I’m very happy with the picture quality and sound. Compared to my 2 years old Samsung 32″ 780p LCD the picture is better. With my Cable DVR it goes up to 780p and with my Toshiba Blu-ray it goes up to 1080p… yes, 1080p, NOT 1080i. So I can say without a doubt the TV is a BANG for the buck. Longevity? well time will tell. My Samsung died at the 366 day… yes, the day after the warranty expired. The fix came up to $125. So if the Funai dies at the very first year I will say is as bad as a Samsung. My 2 cents.

  • Gary

    Well till I can afford to get the Smart TV I want, this will do just fine!

  • FL

    No one has discussed how well this tv works. The last person even gave an entire report on a product she has never even SEEN. She ordered it to be delivered in 2-3 weeks and gave an opinion on what she thinks clarity should be on a television she has never even looked at. I just want an actual review by someone who has seen the tv.

  • Amber

    I ended up getting two of these for the WalMart Black Friday sale. I was not going to wait in the electronics line so I opted to pay at the register and redeem the certificate online. I already know that the TV is not going to have a great picture since it’s 780p and only 60hgz (your refresh rate) but for my soon to be 8 year old son it will work perfectly for his video games and cartoon watching. There was no way I was purchasing him an expensensive good quality/picture LCD TV since a year from now I am sure this thing will be busted. Nothing can withstand an 8 year old boy for that long. But for $99 I had to give it a try, why not? I am sure that a BluRay disc won’t look awful in it. Even BluRays come in decent enough on the crappiest of LCDs (and I’ve viewed some crappy ones). Regardless if you have HD programming you should get somewhat of a decent picture on regular TV shows. Now, if your watching football, basketball, or tennis you may as well fork over the big bucks to get a TV that is not going to cause you clarity issues. Just my 2 cents on the topic.

  • sverige

    “this model is not going to give you the best viewing enjoyment……” that’s a review. I bought this and it seems fine, it’s just a tv, with decent enough picture quality, simple to set up with good instructions. For a 100 dollars, it serves it purpose well. Longevity is unknown, but for the price, if I get a trouble free year, it’s good.

  • YeahISaidItSoWhatHuh

    Blah, blah, blah…
    So how well does the TV play, idiot writer??

  • shopazoid

    Exactly what I thought, jedidethfreak. Reviewer didn’t even realize it was priced at $98 for Black Friday sale. The search continues…

  • jedidethfreak

    Soooo… a product review that tells us absolutely nothing about the product, other than its primary country of sale….