Fallout 4 release plea after anniversary news

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 12, 2013

The desire for Fallout 4 news is at an all-time high following the Fallout 3 release date passing its 5-year anniversary. It would have been nice to hear some solid Fallout 4 news on October 28, 2013, which marked 5 years since some people purchased one of their favorite games.

Once this date passed a number of Product Reviews readers left feedback about their desire to see a Fallout 4 release window, or at least some sort of tease towards its launch and development. “I really did hope that something would be announced on the anniversary, but sadly this didn’t happen and I’m losing hope of seeing anything this year”, said one fan.

Another fan of Fallout 3 added, “Bethesda has a number of teams working on different projects and even with a big team, we cannot deny they are really busy right now with Dishonored DLC, bugs in Elder Scrolls Online and other projects. I feel they have too much on to announce any Fallout 4 news in 2013”.

We know that Bethesda hasn’t confirmed Fallout 4 officially, let alone a release date, but a few leaks and hints like the Three Dog voice actor partnering up again leads most gamers to expect the game by 2015 the latest. Pete Hines explained clearly on his Twitter account that Bethesda obtained the game license so they can build the franchise, and will “develop it and work on it”. These comments alone give fans confidence there’ll be a Fallout 4 eventually.

Building a great game engine – some people want to see Fallout 4 use the same game engine seen with Skyrim, but personally we would rather see a totally different engine used and not a rehashed Skyrim. Mix this with PS4 and Xbox One launches, then we could see something truly special along with a good PC release.

When it comes to new features in Fallout 4, we have seen a lot of suggestions like a Sprinting Mode, the ability to transfer old character builds, some unique weapons, and a lot more. Feel free to share your wish list in the comments.

The Fallout 4 MMO debate – while the majority of fans hate the idea of Fallout 4 becoming an MMO style game, some people are at least open to it and suggest things like having a map edge so you can then move into the MMO game. This could work, but then the whole idea of MMO just doesn’t work with some of the most dedicated fans of this franchise. Again, leave your comments below.

There are still some of us that hope the Spike TV Video Game Awards will deliver Fallout 4 news, although this would almost certainly be the last hope for 2013.

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  • Sean

    Honestly it is quite simple really…I can only speak for myself but I would hope a majority of like-minded fallout fans would agree: Take the best of fo3 and fo:new vegas,Combined into a fresh yet familiar experience. Bethesda please…Keep it single player!!! Crafting,More unique weapons,I am a fan of good dialogue so more the better as long as it is implemented well,Better/ even more quests than New Vegas.Iron sights,Random encounters( Really missed those in Vegas) Weapon bluprints ( Like fallout 3,Dart gun anyone? ) Weapon mods.

    Also I truly hope Bethesda follows the lead of Obsidian when creating companions instead of the ‘quantity over quality’ companions in Skyrim. New Engine please. I would like to finally be able to climb ladders and enter cities/Large areas without load times etc. These are just the basics as I am sure there are plenty of other improvements we can all agree upon.
    P.S. – I am calling it now,Expect Fallout 4 around fall 2014 ::Fingers crossed:: 🙂

  • Taylor thurley

    I would like it to have a single player as well as allowing us to build our own house on like a multiplayer world were we can create factions like the ncr and do quests and fighting with other players making it sort of like GTA online

  • LittlePuppy96

    New ideas but the thought of a MMO? Not really what we want. Fallout 3 was the best gameplay experience over New Vegas but New Vegas had Alot of unique weapons that was great and the appearance was amazing fallout 3 unique weapons just had better stats and name change but I hope fallout 4 have Alot of Guns unique Guns with weapon Camo and more real world guns like Ak12, Ak47, Ar15, Glocks, Uzi, Maybe Unique Appeal and armor instead of power armor maybe like a deathstroke style armor like on arkham origins. A sprint S.P.E.C.I.A.L Affects the physical appearance like max Strength that actually shows. Endurance that affects how long you can run and that can be increased by running overtime. ability to earn or purchase homes and the ability to custom them like if we want a armory to keep our unique weapons collection and cool armor. It was alot of companions (Followers) in skyrim I don’t think nothing will be wrong with putting alot in a fallout game. It will also be cool to have your followers stay at your house depending on how big and when your gone they can be training or sharpening your melee weapons making ammo for guns if the house a mess clean it just being helpful companions. Level cap being 30 and DLC boost is not a bad idea I have no problem with perks. Followers leveling up as you level up is always good too. But overall I’m sure anything you guys think of the game will be perfect you guys make wonderful games and I’m sure all the fans appreciate it

  • Garrett Stallins

    MMO? Fallout is designed to feel lonely and empty. Who the hell would want an MMO?

  • nuclearpanda

    I personally would love it if they used the creation engine for FO4…and they already said they were done with dlc for dishonored.

    • Sean

      Dishonored is Developed by Arkane studios not Bethesda.

  • Moonfish

    Another article with nothing new about the game, yet everyone tweets it and shares it…. That’s kind of sad. I’m gonna die before we get any real news about this game.

  • Jordan

    Maybe some multiplayer / co-op gameplay would be nice to see but yeah I think this works better as a single player game… It wouldn’t really work as an MMO

  • ferg

    I wonder if a cover system might benefit the gameplay. Also it seems to me that fallout has always been a solitary experience and i can’t perceive how making the game an mmo would do anything but waste the opportunity to make a brilliant post apocalyptic game.