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Early PS4 interface preview leads to criticism

With just days to go until the glorious PS4 release date, we have a video which we think you will enjoy. Gamers are desperate to know how the PS4 interface looks compared to the XMB seen on PS4 – now we have a sneak peak to show you which gives you a solid idea.

We have just three days to go until the big event this Friday. Sony will finally unleash the PS4 console onto the world and consumers will be able to enjoy the first taste of next-gen gaming, one full week before Microsoft launch their own console with the Xbox One on November 22.

For those that simply can’t wait until November 15, you can enjoy this little teaser that we have for you. The following video shows the PS4 interface being set up during an event as part of Madrid Games Week. The video was filmed off-screen so it isn’t the best quality and it’s also in Spanish, with the event being in Madrid.

Still though, it is probably one of the first unofficial videos of the interface that we have managed to witness. We can get a glimpse of the trophy section, and also a brief look at some of the other main icons that make up the homescreen.

On first impressions – it may look a little bland and uninteresting to you. We’ve already seen some comments on YouTube for this video, with users saying the same thing. However, don’t forget that the console isn’t out yet.

We could see a completely different UI over the weekend when Sony has filled the homescreen with colorful and vibrant online content, so we shouldn’t worry just yet – especially based on this two minute off-screen video.

Watch it and see what you think. Do you think it is looking a little boring and uninspiring at the moment or not?



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