COD Ghosts Clan wars easier with registration hub

How are you getting on with Call of Duty Ghosts at the moment? If you consider yourself to be a hardcore player and an expert, there is no doubt that you will already be trying to sort out COD Ghosts Clan wars with your team, using the new COD Ghosts app that was updated recently.

Unfortunately though, it appears that getting into a clan war on Call of Duty Ghosts isn’t as straight forward as many gamers would have hoped. We’ve heard that some of you are having problems with the app in relation to setting up a clan.

These problems include things like not being able to set yourself as a leader of a clan, to other issues regarding clan members being transferred to other clans randomly. Hopefully Activision will get to the bottom of this soon, but in the mean time we offer help for those looking to recruit new members to your clan that you are in the process of setting up.

First, you’ll want to read through this COD Ghosts Clan walkthrough, which has been provided by Activision’s Dan Amrich. It should help you with any immediate issues that you have when setting up a clan.

As for the recruitment part, bookmark this hub over at Reddit. Here you will find a page which is dedicated to finding Call of Duty Ghosts players that are specifically looking for a new clan to join. It’s useful because players will also state which platform they are playing on beforehand, so you can just get straight to recruiting fast and efficient.

It looks like the easiest way to start building clans from what we can see. Let us know if you have any issues with COD Ghosts clan setups and also feel free to offer your recruitment services below in the comments section.



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