Call of Duty Ghosts DLC maps named early

We have an early heads-up for those that are already looking forward to the first COD Ghosts DLC release date. The first map pack is going to be a great occasion and it looks like we already have some early details to share, courtesy of the PC version and its internal files.

Since the game has only been available since November 5, it’s no surprise that we haven’t heard any official announcements from Activision on what the first DLC map for COD Ghosts will be called or when it will be available.

Not for the first time though, the internal files of the PC version of the game has uncovered some secrets for us ahead of schedule. More specifically, the map names of four unidentified maps that haven’t shipped with the core game.

These include Swamp, Red River, Boneyard and wait for it – Dome. If accurate, it means that Infinity Ward has plans to remake Dome from Modern Warfare 3 and insert it into the first DLC map pack for COD Ghosts on current-gen and next-gen.

We also understand that one of the three other maps named, could be a new Extinction map. Boneyard seems to be a name that we could associate with the mode – what do you think? Either way, it’s something to look forward to for the new year perhaps, or even as a Christmas present if Infinity Ward to drop this content before the end of the year.

Give us your thoughts on the early intel – are you ready to buy more DLC maps for Call of Duty Ghosts or not – would you pay for ore Extinction content?



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