Battlefield 4 PS Vita Remote Play is amazing

If you wanted another example of just how amazing the PS Vita is going to be when used in combination with the PS4, we have something delicious for you to witness now. A new video has emerged, confirming that Battlefield 4 on PS4 will also have support for Remote Play on the PS Vita – and it looks amazing.

Just imagine this for a second: You’re currently on a 64-player map on PS4, you suddenly pause the game during the waiting time for next map to load as you have to give up the TV. With PS Vita, this problem is eliminated as you simply carry on playing your BF4 session on the PS Vita – including that 64-player map.

Gamers are going to be in a for a lovely surprise when they realize how good this actually will be. Now though, we’re happy to give you a very brief teaser just to wet your appetite. We all know that games like Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall will have support for Remote Play on the PS Vita.

Now Battlefield 4 will be joining the action too. We have a Vine message to share with you, showing the seamless nature of engaging in the Battlefield 4 warfare, on a 5-inch PS Vita as well – doesn’t it look great?

Of course, it’s not the longer gameplay video that we all want to see, but it is definitely a lovely treat as we approach the launch date of the PS4 at the end of the week.

Let us know your thoughts on this little teaser – will you be doing the exact same thing on November 15, playing Battlefield 4 on both PS4 and then PS Vita?



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