Invisible bike helmet not for sale in US

The invisible bike helmet has been up for sale for over a year now and in that time we have seen impressive sales, although there is still no direct way for you to purchase one in the US. What consumers have to do is go through a third-party source, which will no doubt put a few more dollars on the price.

It is a shame that the makers of the invisible bike helmet from Hövding, or more accurately the rapidly-inflating airbag do not offer people in the US a more direct solution because having to spend more money on the product will stunt sales.

However, to some of you, paying around $600 is seen as a worthwhile investment because look how much extra you pay for more safety features on your car.

We are surprised that the safety device has been on the market a year and still has limited availability in Europe. You would have thought the price of the invisible bike helmet would have gone down, as production increased.

We are sure that if the likes of Halfords in the UK stocked these for a price of around £200, then sales would pick up and also increase availability. The thing is, the inventors have done 50 percent of the work getting the product to market, now it is time to intensify marketing and increase public awareness.



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