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Xbox One sales start early, but so do Microsoft bans

This was bound to happen sooner rather than later and it looks like it is the Xbox One which is the first recipient of early sales. The console has gone on sale ahead of the November 22 launch and it appears that Microsoft is not happy about it. In a move that has caused great debate, Microsoft has in fact decided to start banning Xbox One consoles already.

If you haven’t heard, it looks like US retailer Target has jumped the gun, two weeks early to allow some consumers to take home Microsoft’s brand spanking new Xbox One console ahead of schedule. It’s been confirmed that Twitter user MoonlightSwami is one of these users in possession of a console, but unfortunately he cannot access some areas of the console as Microsoft has decided to ban his console.

After posting up some sneaky screenshots showing the dashboard in action, Microsoft has prevented the console in question from accessing Xbox Live. Initially it was thought that this ban would be a permanent one, but it has since been clarified by Microsoft’s Major Nelson that it will be a temporary ban only.

Microsoft has said that they are looking forward to the user in question ‘enjoying this console closer to launch’. Is a ban a bit harsh though, or fully warranted to prevent information about the console leaking out early that may be deemed as sensitive details?

It has prompted fierce debate among fans as you can imagine, most of which believe that Microsoft shouldn’t have banned the user and instead should have used this as free PR in the build-up to launch.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Microsoft were right to ban the user in question or not? Let us know if you have managed to receive an Xbox One early – we won’t tell anyone!



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