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Vizio 47″ 1080p LED TV E470-A0 reviews from 600 users

During the week we told you about one television that could be a popular choice for consumers to snap up during the busy sales. That TV was one of Samsung’s new Smart TV sets, but now we have something for those that are looking for something bigger, cheaper whilst not caring too much about brand awareness.

If this fits into your bracket, you may want to introduce yourself to the Vizio lineup of televisions. They are slowly becoming more and more popular in the living room, not only due to the affordable prices compared to some of the high-end competitors, but also because Vizio TVs are equipped with some very decent specs too.

One TV that you may want to consider is the Vizio 47-inch 1080p LED TV, with the model number of E470-A0. This LED HDTV has a large 47-inch screen that offers full HD, along with a backlit display feature, a 60Hz refresh rate, and various connectivity options.

These include 3 HDMI ports and also USB 2.0 access, meaning that you can connect an external hard drive for those that like to take their media with them on a portable drive for viewing on a TV. Retailers are currently selling this TV for over $500, but don’t be surprised if we see a huge discount on the TV during the sales.

Vizio TVs..value for money or not?
Vizio TVs..value for money or not?

If you are looking for some Vizio E470-A0 reviews, you should check out over 600 consumer reviews over at Amazon, allowing you to get a first-hand account of what this TV really offers for the price.

Let us know your thoughts on the Vizio brand and if you have had experience with one of their TVs before – would you recommend them to anyone else or not?



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