Galaxy S3, Note 2 Android 4.3 update ramblings

- Nov 10, 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Android 4.3 update has caused users to complain about the wait for many weeks now, and even though the latest reports reveal the update is heading to more regions it seems some people are still very unhappy.

It is clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has received the Android 4.3 update via official service centers, and this was evident from a number of screenshots landing on Twitter and well known Android blogs. Sadly, this news confused some people and they thought the software was released OTA, but this is not the case at the time of writing in the majority of regions.

We have received feedback from Product Reviews readers in India and the UK, but none of these people have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 update go live and some even took their phone to service centers. “I just went to a service center and I’m still on 4.1.2”, said one Galaxy Note 2 owner. Another added, “It is the same story every week and I’m getting tired of the really long wait to get the latest software update”.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update more widespread – At the time of writing we have seen the latest Jelly Bean update reach Ireland, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece and Austria. There’s a good chance many other countries have received the update as well, so leave a comment below and let us know if your part of the world has received Android 4.3 on the Galaxy S3.

We have also heard about problems with the Android 4.3 update, especially on Galaxy S3, and it seems to involve the UI becoming unresponsive when you get a phone call. One way a few people fixed this problem was to clear their TouchWiz cache, but this can wipe home screen apps.

Have you received the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 update yet? If so, what country and location are you from?

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  • Hamish

    Just received this shambolic update on my Galaxy Note 2 – my phone is now pretty much useless. Many apps wont run and error messages forcing me to reinstall apps and lose data in those apps. Its a mess!!!

  • Anonymous

    Im in hong Kong and its 26 December still no luck- what’s Samsung really up to?? I can’t wait! !!

  • wrongbuy

    I f-ing hate samsung! worst f product ever!

  • Psionguy

    No update for my Note 2 yet, location UK.

  • Urgiv

    I did update s3 to 4.3 manually yesterday looks all good but today wake button delays appear sometimes
    I expecting better system but memory as well 700mb occupation
    Samsung back to drawing board an fix it!!!

  • Duncan Maybury

    Got the 4.3 update on my s3 yesterday in the uk, and it is very buggy. Don’t update untill Samsung sort it. Very disappointing!

    • Allen Harvey Paran

      Hey Duncan, sad to hear. I thought the update would fix everything. The previous comments are right, why would Samsung push out an update that isn’t really functioning or helping the unit. Weird. Here in the Philippines, no updates yet.

  • Hamir Madam

    4.2.2 update official available in india, i have just talked with samsung india service center,it will be available through kies.for s3 GTI9300

    • Allen Harvey Paran

      Imma check this out if the update reached the Philippines yet. Tell me if you successfully updated.

  • drnh

    I updated my S3 to 4.3 a few days ago. Its THE WORST EVER update and has completely ruined my user experiance. The phone is now S L O W!! Ridiculously so. The wake up lag is horrendous, taking up to 5 seconds to actually wake. This and many other issues need to be urgently addressed. Why on earth would a half baked, ill thought through and under developed update be released? There is no way on this planet this had been tested properly or at worst it has been released with items broken or missing from within the update.

  • Gadget Geek

    I’m still running in 4.1.2 of my Note 2. No sign of update, it was the same story with my S2 getting rather annoyed with Samsung lagging with these updates!!!

  • ThaCoolkid

    i switched from a blackberry hoping that things wud be better with samsung n dey jus keep letting me down…. rumors strtd arriving since september on wen 4.3 wud be out for s3 but it seems like the year is going to end n we’re still gonna be waiting. ur gonna lose all ur customers samsung n its all ur fault!!!

    • Allen Harvey Paran

      I know how you feel, expecting for the update to come on the said date, but then, they push it to another date. Let’s just wait till November ends. Cause that’s what they said, S3 users will be upgraded to 4.3 by the end of November.

  • joe

    By phone is now spanked after the update.

  • Pete H

    Updated to 4.3 yesterday on my GS3 – as others have said the lock screen is now screwed…it look 155 seconds for any response earlier (yes I counted!). Also has restarted randomly a couple of time. Unbelievable.

    • Allen Harvey Paran

      Bloody hell, it messed up the lock screen? I’m having seconds thoughts to updating my phone. Pete, is your S3 rooted?

  • Allen Harvey Paran

    Wow, a lot of unhappy people here. Well I’m with you guys. I’ve been attached and updated on every thing that goes on with the GALAXY S3, with one area people are saying “Yeah! 4.2 is coming!” And then i was like excited too, but then they postponed the update and said they’ll jump with the 4.3 update. And here I am waiting. Sources say that it was supposed to be released October-woppeeedoo-October passed! And then they said Mid November. Ugh, the wait is really tiring. Samsung is really good brand, Wait, actually all brands are alright, it’s just the services and updates, and not to mention the support. Come on Samsung! I switched from being a Nokia lover to a Samsung Lover! So don’t let us down.

  • dave

    This update is more than just a little problem. It’s causing serious delays with several of the phones features. I updated two days ago in Ireland and have had problems from the moment I updated. PLEASE FIX IT

  • Andrej

    I’m from Slovenia and two days ago I got the update my Samsung galaxy s3 to version 4.3. I am extremely unhappy … the battery is empty 2x faster than before, as well as problems with unlocking and turning the lock screen … when can we expect a new update because the phone is in this case useless!

  • Telmo

    Still no update in Portugal for the Galaxy S3, but as i’m reading the comments about battery discharging quickly, a phone that becomes more unresponsive and annoying and other bugs, i start to think if i really want to update 🙁 Seems like Samsung is delaying updates and releasing them with bugs that affect the normal usage of the device. Hope this isn’t a selling strategy to force Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 owners to buy new Samsung flagship devices…

  • Rachel

    I got the update in Ireland. I agree with other people. I am very disappointed. It consumes the battery way quicker than before. The phone is way slower. Also worst of all its slow to respond when unlocking the phone. It is completely unresponsive. I have to continously press the middle button in order to try and unlock the phone. Even when I put the phone into charge it takes a few seconds for the phones to register its charging. In general overall the phone is gone slow completely and unresponsive. I regret the upgrade. I hope this gets sorted quickly.

  • Ivan

    I got the update 4.3, but I’m not satisfied with the lock screen and the battery is consumed too quickly, my recommendation is do not go to 4.3 because it will not be able to go back to 4.1.2 I am from Croatia

  • John Ulimansky

    No update until now in Romania. My phone is GS3, unlocked. My provider is Vodafone. I hope this damn’ update will roll out soon.

  • PIPEM81

    No update until now in Colombia for Samsung Galaxy S3 🙁

  • Anand

    From India- no update till now for S3 and this what I don’t like about Samsung. They are very slow as far as updates are concerned. Very very bad Samsung.

  • Bogdan Platon

    I’m from Romania and I don’t recive the last update 4.3 JB from Kies for my Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Piotr

    No update in Austria on Drei yet…

  • suresh

    4.3 update vailable for s3 uk unlocked

    • Me….

      Yup, also got the update using an unlocked S3 in UK 🙂

  • Richi

    Update available in australia ota . My note 2 was purchased new unlocked from hong kong . Was there 6 hrs ago when I left for work . D/load it when I get home .

  • Ali patel

    In UK
    I’m a big fan of Samsung using note2 but the only thing i don’t like with Samsung is this, the software update! They really disappointing me we can’t have a this much patient in this fast world, don’t know what to do in future stick with samsung or go to nexus phones……

  • Prasad

    no update in india we r waiting for it

    • Hamir Madam

      4.2.2 through kies available official

  • Ciera

    Alright so I’m in the U.S. and I received the update for my S4 on Friday November 8. for some reason i can no longer stream any YouTube videos, or any through tumblr. Also, my Pandora app won’t play music anymore. Is anyone else having these problems? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    • muthusb

      contact your mobile service provider and ask them to provide you settings for internet streaming. Had the same issue, and they hooked me up with some settings and it works now.

  • Parimal.P

    firmware updates r supposedly released on non branded international models first..why is it just d opposite dis time wit s3 4.3 ??
    still no news in ..our patience is dying out !!!!

  • John Christopher Diaz

    From the philippines. I totaly get tired of waiting with the official release. And planning to drop my note 2 to note 3 just for the update and galaxy gear function.. why samsung was so late in all of the updates? Or they are just trying to protect their revenue because if note 2 would have its 4.3 update then why switch to note 3 if you can both have the same galaxy gear function. I love my note 2 and im still patienly waiting for the update up to december however if samsung would not let the OTA update this year.. flashing custom rom would be the last resort

    Jc from philippines please pray for our country.. thank you

  • Allen Harvey Paran

    Samsung Galaxy S3, really great phone. My current phone. Still on 4.1.2 over here in the Philippines. When will the update reach this part of ASIA? We are getting hit by Super Typhoons at least updating us would be the best SAMSUNG could do for us. We’ve been waiting for months already. Always expecting this and that date, but nothing happens.

  • Samsung

    North bay Ontario Canada. Note 2, gs3, nexus4, still no update. As for rob. This is pols hobbies.if not yours then don’t worry. Not being rude. Just saying

  • Ahmed Minsh

    they told me don’t go with Samsung ,,, but what should i say … i have galaxy note 2 ((n7100 ))over 8 month still have Android 4.1.2 ………..
    i guess i learned the lesson in the hard way

  • leel

    I was warned not to go with Samsung products because updates were late or non existent. I have learned my lesson now with 4 s3’s. From now on I will go with nexus product’s only. That also means I’m dropping Verizon as my provider.

  • Bren

    I am in Ireland and woke up yesterday to find that the update had downloaded to my phone. I did a backup via Kies, disconnected the USB and then installed 4.3 by clicking the notification on the phone. All seemed to go Ok and I got a ‘successful’ message. However, there are problems (for the first time with an Android update). If the phone has been in standby for a while pressing the ‘Home’ button does not wake it. Trying multiple presses, a long press and double click etc, eventually opens to the lock screen. Once this ‘jam’ is cleared it works fine until the next time its been in standby for a while.
    The multi-screen feature has disappeared even though its icon is still on the notification screen. Opened folders on the home screens do not always close by tapping the screen but need the ‘back’ button to close them.

    • Dave

      what network are you with ? im still waiting so i can buy the galaxy gear which needs the 4.3 update to connect to it !

  • rob

    It’s a phone people. You’ll survive until the update arrives. Is this really the most important thing of your day? Go outside and find a physical hobby.

  • annum

    After a year long wait for any basic update for the note 2, 4.3 better port 90% of the features of the note 3 to the note 2. Otherwise samsung have been wasting our time and theirs. Enough said..

  • IMaaCI

    Im from ireland and I have not received any update.

    • James

      Try connecting your phone through Samsung Kies and check for updates. Or go to the settings on your phone and go to “Check for Updates” and you should see the update notification. Btw is your Galaxy S3 the i9300?

  • TonkleChicken

    It seems that the i9300 4.3 updates being released elsewhere are “Test” builds that use an older kernel (3.0.31) and are causing lots of problems. Hopefully the final version with the correct 3.4.0 kernel will come out in the next few weeks. I am certainly looking forward to the TRIM function to re-invigorate my ever increasing laggy phone.

  • ParkerPen27

    I just contacted Samsung customer service and I was told that there WAS NO UPDATE and it is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. I also contacted Sprint and they said that they HAVEN”T EVEN HEARD OF THE UPDATE FOR THE S3!

  • Laban

    No Update as well in South Africa.

  • jennifer

    Come on tech people !!! Get the damn 4.3 rolling out… tired of waiting games!!!! Where is update for us cellular s3??? Get damn busy!! Even get it rolling for other countries… what is the damn hold up?!?!?!?

  • Mike

    No update in germany

  • Dandija misau

    Am still not received 4.3 update to my s4 here in Nigeria I don’t know why?

  • akif

    no update in india