COD Ghosts Xbox One offline not possible without Live?

Some interesting information has just turned up in relation to Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One. As you may know, one user on Twitter has received his Xbox One early, only to receive a console ban from Microsoft in return.

While this ban is a ‘temporary’ one, the user in question has confirmed though that he cannot play Call of Duty Ghosts offline, as according to him the game requires an internet connection to play. Just to note an important point in all of this, the user Moonlightswami has already installed the Xbox One ‘Day 1 patch’ which is thought to remove all previous DRM restrictions that Microsoft initially had in place.

He is providing an ongoing log via his Twitter account and adds that he cannot even access the system settings due to the ban. It goes without saying though that if he has already installed the Day One update, then he should be able to play through the COD Ghosts campaign, regardless of a temporary Xbox Live ban – correct?

At the moment, there has been no response from Microsoft or Infinity Ward regarding this, but obviously it could be specifically linked to this unique ban. If it isn’t though, it could be a big issue if users still need an internet connection to be able to play Xbox One games offline, after installing the Day One patch.

What are your thoughts on this? We’ll update this when necessary, for now threat this as rumor.

UPDATE: Some new pictures have emerged online in conjunction with this story – take a look at the part where it says offline play enabled on PS4. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this.





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