COD Ghosts Xbox One offline not possible without Live?

By Alan Ng - Nov 11, 2013

Some interesting information has just turned up in relation to Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One. As you may know, one user on Twitter has received his Xbox One early, only to receive a console ban from Microsoft in return.

While this ban is a ‘temporary’ one, the user in question has confirmed though that he cannot play Call of Duty Ghosts offline, as according to him the game requires an internet connection to play. Just to note an important point in all of this, the user Moonlightswami has already installed the Xbox One ‘Day 1 patch’ which is thought to remove all previous DRM restrictions that Microsoft initially had in place.

He is providing an ongoing log via his Twitter account and adds that he cannot even access the system settings due to the ban. It goes without saying though that if he has already installed the Day One update, then he should be able to play through the COD Ghosts campaign, regardless of a temporary Xbox Live ban – correct?

At the moment, there has been no response from Microsoft or Infinity Ward regarding this, but obviously it could be specifically linked to this unique ban. If it isn’t though, it could be a big issue if users still need an internet connection to be able to play Xbox One games offline, after installing the Day One patch.

What are your thoughts on this? We’ll update this when necessary, for now threat this as rumor.

UPDATE: Some new pictures have emerged online in conjunction with this story – take a look at the part where it says offline play enabled on PS4. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this.



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  • StillFunnyThough

    Obviously its a pre release patch, but still. Shows what MS had really planned if things did not change. What I find more funny is that the back of the case omits the native resolution of the game. So since you cant say 1080P or match the other consoles resolution just leave it off the case. This seems like a very shady thing to do to me.

  • Pixelsword

    I love it when some rich shit-headed kid gets his console he bought off the blackmarket banned and then whines and cries like a little baby about it online… Sure they get some sympathy, but it’s meaningless.

    I, personally, would like it if MS had a “remote nuke” feature that would perminitely render such idiots’ consoles absolutely useless.

    • Y u so dumb doe?

      Umm, you do know that Target sent one Xbox One out by mistake to this guy? He is not some ‘rich shit-headed kid’, who bought it ‘off the black market’, as you like to put it. You are an idiot, on a monolithic scale.

  • Daniel Lawson

    #1 Source 4 XBOX ONE ‏@Moonlightswami4h
    Thanks to @majornelson I found out YOU CAN play games while offline on Xbox One!!!!

  • cell989

    seems to me that if youre banned from XBOXlive for whatever reason, your console becomes a brick and is deactivated to play any games offline. Thats scary

  • Dork

    Online play is required on Xbone because they offloaded some critical cpu tasks to the Microsofts cloud , everything runs internally on PS4

    • cell989


  • Guest

    Because he has the prerelease patch. The final patch is in certification. $0N¥ paupers are sooo desperate it shows more and more with every breath they take.

    • mikegutierrez1995

      sure if you say so kid

    • Ritsujun

      Not hard enough, Beeburr.

    • Benjamin Anson ツ

      This is absolutely correct. Microsoft has said, as well as this Moonlight guy, that the update he had for the Xbox One, wasn’t the update that got rid of the DRM restrictions.

    • cell989

      you sound more desperate to be right about your console(xbone), that any negativity shining on the xbone makes you go bonkers. You fear that this rumor might actually be true and its really striking a nerve isnt it?

    • StillFunnyThough

      Obviously its a pre release patch, but still. Shows what MS had really planned if things did not change. What I find more funny is that the back of the case omits the native resolution of the game. So since you cant say 1080P or match the other consoles resolution just leave it off the case. Seems shady to me.

  • Ye


  • Ye

    Why havent u updated this article geezer? Dont want to report the lositibe aye?

  • Marc D

    There’s no way he got the day one patch there is another video of someone trying to download it and before it starts it instantly gets banned so he didn’t install it no install no game

  • eAbyss

    He’s not supposed to have the console so the console is banned. Because of these two facts nothing that he observes means anything in relation to the actual launch product.

  • Ubermensch101

    I’m sure it can play offline and that his situation has more to do with the fact his console got tempbanned. Even if an internet connection was required, is it really that bad? My wifi network is on 24/7. Anyone else living in the 21st century with me?

    • eAbyss

      Nobody’s internet is perfect and neither is Microsoft’s servers.

    • Demacro

      Truu but id like that abildy to take console with me to places that anit got no internt

  • MB

    This is why MS bans these people, because all they do is get on social networking sites and confuse people.

    • Will

      True words, Microsoft already made it abundantly clear you don’t need internet to play offline. Anyone who let’s this influence them is a fool.

  • Orlɛanž

    MS is making my choice even easier. PS4

    • Guest

      Dumb $0N¥ PauperStation tard!

      • cell989

        this xbot is fried, any minute now his head will blow up, he has served his purpose-MS

      • COnerfu

        Uninteligent XPaupers.

    • mIkw

      PS4 WON

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    People here really think that his xbox one really has the day one patch?? Sure he has a patch, but it is most likely a dev/reviewer patch for testing.



  • shanafan

    Oh, so like how Diablo 3 PC also needs internet to play single player?

    • Demacro

      that wuz some shiiiiiitttttt

  • mos

    This is nonsense FUD, he downloaded a patch on a console that does not release till 2 weeks.

    There is a difference between a 500mb patch pre release, and a 1.4 gig patch day one. common sense jurnos.

    • Mitchell Jenkins

      Why is that patch he downloaded even available then?

      • mos

        it most likely for devs and reviewers to test retail units and test how well updates work on the live system.

        • guest

          PlayStation fanboys, you’re talking to a wall Mos, don’t bother. Just like an ordinary wall they don’t listen.

        • Bertrum

          Still it gives them something to take away the hurt of the new Ts an Cs Sony have introduces for trading and data collecting from users.

      • guest

        So reviewers, beta testers, and those who work with the machine at home can still use it, how dumb are you? I’d imagine it’s to keep tabs on people too. PlayStation fanboys, making up situations to fit into others, anything to justify their stupidity.

        • whawha


        • Ritsujun


    • John Edwards

      In theory, this makes sense, but there is one problem. If the update is supposedly for reviewers and beta testers, does this mean they aren’t allowed to access any games at this time either? doesn’t that sort of defeat the entire point for them?

      • cell989

        ooh so reviewers and beta testers HAVE to be connected online or no gaming for them?

    • cell989

      1.4 Gigs?!! are you downloading the whole firmware or what? lol

  • Smell Master 9000

    I didn’t know bull sh** and DRM shared the same odor.

    • Jason

      Wow, this really pisses me off, I often brought my 360 to the beach to play local cod with freinds. May just get PS4 after this.

      • Bertrum

        I know what you me man. I was planning to take my xbox one half way up a f**king mountain to play CoD vs the local sherpas. Looks like I’m bones now.
        that’s it I’m off to buy a shell suit, chavy trainers and a ps4

  • You are flat out wrong


    • Red Veron

      *not, not being able to play that is.

    • Guest

      Your death soon. I already know your IP.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Zaire’s stepping it up. Get out more, mate. ^_^

  • gucci

    Welp, looks like homeboy just got de-invited to the MS launch party. lol

  • Maybe some mistake in patch or MS has big problems

    • xone or ps4

      I will wait and see if it is truly fixed when the system is launched. Since the xone seems to be rushed to try and catch ps4…why would they have 2 differnt day one patches as soon as it is about to launch.