COD: Ghosts 1.03 PS3 update live

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 10, 2013

We can confirm the Call of Duty: Ghosts 1.03 PS3 update has just gone live and is sized at 172MB on a console in the UK, although we cannot confirm if it’s the same size patch for the rest of Europe or USA. The COD: Ghosts PS3 update was not there yesterday, so this has only gone live for download in the last 24 hours in this part of the world.

It is not clear what changes have been made with the COD: Ghosts 1.03 PS3 update and we are yet to see patch notes, although some people state that a lot of bug fixes have been made to Operations.

On Twitter we have seen some chatter about new features and one user claimed there’s a new mute screen, which will allow you to mute select players and all players in COD: Ghosts multiplayer. This is something we have had in most games, so we’re not totally sure what is going on there although feel free to leave a comment with anything you’ve seen changed since the latest patch. We will update this article once we’ve been hands-on with the game after its latest patch.

Have you seen the COD: Ghosts 1.03 PS3 update live on your PS3 console? If so, what part of the world are you in and has certain game performance increased for you?

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  • Djen Merx

    I am playing on ps3 at the moment and i am not encountering any lag at all? i have installed the patch (1.3) today.

  • Matt

    Unbearable lag, everyone I’ve talked to has the same issue

  • Jeremy

    Patch ruined the game..half empty lobbies and tons of lag. My guess is they stupidly added regional matchmaking back into the game.

  • Supa_Tettra9

    I agree with max its terrible.

  • max

    Jon Wayne – you need to plug straight in with cable in back of ps3, sounds like your on wireless . I’m getting horrible lag on this patch it’s just about unplayable. Tested my Internet line – 113 Mbps down 2.42 Mbps up 8 – 10 ms ping 2 ms jitter. Don’t know wats happening. Every thing was great till the patch

    • AnotherAverageSniper

      yep same

  • gtfo123

    i got the update 2 days ago i am in the us and i only noticed a new mute screen, my game never lagged online and i don’t know anybody who has the problem you people are having.

  • jon wayne

    I can’t download the 1.03 for Ghosts for PS3. I keep getting an error 80710723. I’ve tried it several different times for several days now. its 165MB but it never starts loading. whenever I try to start the download it just sits at 0% and the time keeps going up and up until it kicks me off. my internet only screws up when I try to download it and I cant play without it. any suggestions on what to do?

  • Justaguy (JT)

    Glad they have a “mute all” feature now… It’s a pain picking through one by one to mute all the people who think they (and their music) need to be heard by every one.

  • Justin Tabios

    Still lagging on the ps3. Got OPEN NAT TYPE the midnight release of Ghosts and now im continuously getting moderate nat type each time i restart my router. LOTS of lag each time im in a game and i checked my speed. 33 mbps down and 5.20 up.

  • Geron

    I get no lag… xbox ftw -_-

  • Ben

    Down loaded the patch, played the game- now got tons of lag. Checked my speed. 42 Mbps down and 2.50 Mbps up. Played mw3 to check mw3 was fine. Worst patch

  • Hazzardoss87

    I’m in Australia and its 172mb downloading right now.

  • Jsilver05

    So I can’t play online until I have this patch, right? My Internet speed is about 2mbps.

  • yolo

    still hasnt stopped the crazy lag im getting, its made it worse!

  • Jsilver05

    In true fashion, got about 50% done and got the error message again and stopped.
    Our wifi here isn’t exactly fast for sure. I turned off all wifi devices in the house

  • Kevin Rheeder

    Hi Gerhard, I have the same issue. Also from South Africa. The matchmaking currently is horrible to say the least. To get a local lobby for any game mode is a mission. Does anybody know where the network bars have disappeared to? And another thing I’ve noticed, when playing squads I lag as if I have a horrible connection. How is this possible if you only play against bots?

    • JD

      Squad mode is your team with bots vs someone else and their teams also consist of bots so technically it’s 1v1 and bots

      • Kevin Rheeder

        I forgot about the other cod player to be honest. For a moment i thought it was just bots. Will obviously be when u play offline. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Gerhard Van de Venter

    Also can’t get any get any games!! Waiting for TDM, but nothing – from S.A.

    • Supa_Tettra9


  • Gerhard Van de Venter

    Just did the download, i’M IN South Africa. Havent played yet after update

  • JSilver05

    I can’t download the 1.03 for Ghosts. I keep getting an error 80710723. I’ve tried it several times. It’s a 165 MB update which takes me about 2.5 to 3 hours. I get to about 50% and it stops. Sooooo frustrating !! I can’t play online until I get it, I think.
    Help … !!
    BTW…. I’m in China, however the game I got in from Hong Kong I believe. Only has English writing on it.

    • Guest15546

      2,5 to 3 hours what kind of Internet do you use mine took like 5 minutes.

  • bob

    Cant join any lobbies anymore thanks to this useless update !!

    • Supa_Tettra9

      SAME HERE!!!!!!!

  • guest

    the update changed the mute screen to pull up the entire list of players so you can individually mute that jackass that is screaming or singing in to their headset. You still have bulk muting options but the whole room screen is first to pop up now. They also changed the points requirements for the Ghillie suit to 850.