GTA V Heists status update after stimulus thrill

By Alan Ng - Nov 9, 2013

What is your GTA V status at the moment? Rockstar would have witnessed a massive surge in their PS3 and Xbox 360 server traffic due to the recent $500,000 cash injection as part of the stimulus package. With the GTA V Heists release date nowhere in sight, some players have been wondering what to do now after blowing the $500,00 cash almost instantly.

While there is obviously a lot to do in GTA V after completing the game, such as solving the jet pack mystery, Heists is the one missing content that many GTA V players feel can fill their missing desire. We’ve heard that many players have now stopped playing GTA V online entirely, either due to becoming bored or just out of sheer frustration on the recent changes that Rockstar has made.

Rockstar recently deployed the stimulus package at last, so all players who played GTA V Online in October should have already seen $500,000 deposited into their accounts. As you can guess though, many players have already spent that cash – on a quick shopping spree or bought up that property that they have always wanted.

Rockstar knows deep down that players want to see Heists badly, but at the same time they are happy to keep players waiting until 2014 with no sign whatsoever that it will be coming before the end of the year. Having said that though, we have spotted that the developer does have some information to share on GTA V Heists soon.

Heists is in development and coming soon!

Heists is in development and coming soon!

In the comment section of their Newswire post about the Stimulus Package, Rockstar has revealed to one frustrated gamer that new Heists release information is coming soon, as you’ll see in the screenshot above. Hopefully this will include the GTA V Heists release date, but we’ll have to wait and see.

We think that Rockstar will be able to win back a lot of angry GTA V players by making amends with Heists. Timing is everything of course, so who knows it could even be a lovely Christmas present to end the year.

Are you in the same boat of having nothing to do in GTA V anymore after blowing the $500,000 in a day? If so, give us your thoughts on the continued wait for Heists – will you wait as long as it takes?

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  • Dion

    I have been waiting for this game forever, to come out .. really enjoyed the first couple of its just boring. No new online missions. No online heist as promised.. and unless you buy the cash cards. You will be forced to play the same missions ooooover and over. Im done with this game. And so is maaaaaany many others!

  • zainfazal3000

    My biggest issue with the online are the missions.. they get old… FAST… drive here shoot this person steal this thing drive back and you spawn so damn far from where you are suppose to be you spend 15 minutes just driving to the place. It is very tedious. They’re all the same. The missions are suppose to be fun but they feel like a chore.

  • Gamer

    I think people have to remember this is still a business. Also the technology in games now. They could let everything out at once but why do that when they can do what apple does. With the ability to update everyones systems with new things whenever they want the lil give you little by little so that way every small thing begins to seem like a big deal. You are very closed minded if you think heist is where itll end. All these complaints are probably things they have in the works even before you thought about it. These are professionals. Its about money and longevity and you know they gotta save some of the updates so they can get you to pay for something. I enjoy the game myself. The stimulus helped me. I have a building and am set up for when heist start up. Ans me and my friends are on all the time. It more fun if your mic’d up with people you actually know. You Have to be creative. We find outher people and start a beef in the whole city out of fun. Ride in the same type of cars (no just luxury cars thats lame). I do missions but i just let the game play out.

  • morrit

    Interesting they released gta 5 soon before next gen consoles… they would have known about it. Also interesting how the main game ‘trained’ you for online content….races, robberies, sky diving etc etc… I imagine end of 2014 we may see gta6 being advedtisdd as a fully online mmo… gta online is clearly a beta game. If they admitted that people would be less pissed. Next time it will be better…

  • ogmackplrcool

    Its frustrating because I could list off 100 relatively small things they could do to this game to make it a lot better. I feel like this feature was rushed, while still sucking up a lot of resources and caused the single player (while still pretty good) to not be everything it could have been.

  • O’DoyleRules

    I will be honest, I was anticipating GTA online sooo much, but it really is a train wreck. I honestly played a MTA server based out of Hungary with horrible lag issues and people hacking getting ready for a return to San Andreas. Close to the GTA V release date, they announce the online won’t be available for an entire month. I figured they were working out all the bugs, right?

    I was disappointed when the iFruit app was only for iPhones and not for Android, and nearly 2 months later, I am 100% done with the game with only a handful of random events left, and my dog is still disobedient and I feel like I could have enjoyed using that dog more in the game, instead, Frank just mentions his huge shits whenever I save the game.

    So online release date, I took the day off work. Wouldn’t you know it, didn’t play any online because it was a huge fuckstorm. Then I heard of accounts being lost and everything, I just sorta layed off it for a while.Then I come back when its stable at least, my guy has no cash, the missions paying out big cash were adjusted so there wasn’t the big payouts, and it turns out if you wana buy anything there goes all the money you spent a weekend earning in game. Obviously they wanted people to buy in game money, which is retarded.

    I could be level 150 right now, just I don’t want to keep repeating the same race over and over again, which is I’m sure what people are describing as “doing same thing repeatedly” Most people don’t seem to want to do the round robin of missions, as I honestly would like to get that platinum award for this game. But many things, like the gun range nobody does, it’s sorta sad.

    I bought the highest priced apartment, but now everyone in my crew is playing COD or Battlefield. Bad timing for all of this Rockstar, and how it’s been a habitual trainwreck, especially with online, I am not surprised people are jumping ship to games that actually had Beta tests and know what they’re doing with online games.

    I will stay loyal to GTA and Rockstar, but people are losing any desire to do any of the new content, and servers take forever to fill up now. Looking back, I should have just waited until after the new year before buying the game. Then maybe I could train the damn dog and actually be able to play the online, even if nobody else is playing it.

  • Rio or Bust

    Yeah rockstar screwed the pooch on this one ps4 comes out Friday and I think they have failed to realize that. Half their population will be gone to those dedicated sony fans (and Microsoft for Xbox one) will get these new systems first day release. Which leaves everyone else hoping and waiting who will probably convert over to next gen by The holidays rockstar messed up

  • Mikey

    For me this game gout so boring quick atleast with other games the fact of there is just more to in other games which keeps you interested the problem with GTA online is there is not enough interesting content to keep you playing for months on end while rockstar take the piss with updates

  • Jimmy McWhimmy

    Are we all playing the same game here? cause I’ve been having a blast online and not once have gotten bored. Although i have to agree that the dunce cap punishment is probably the stupidest thing i have even seen in a video game.

  • rustynutsdave

    I think they need to admit they’ve’ve got it badly wrong with the online, I’m done. I already had a luxury apartment, car and tank now I have 500k sat in my account l. what will hiests do, give me mire money with nothing to spend it on

  • Dave

    2014? BS, half my friends already don’t play it because of this and with so many other games options that don’t offer and never deliver………

  • pissed

    I wouldnt be so dissapointed at doing the same mission over and over but im level 145 and doing missions with friends lower than me yields on average less than $2000 when they get double, they do only get half of what i do for higer level missions but how does that stabilize the economy my stuff costs more, so i lose to help others way to support team work rockheads

  • F. U. Rockstar

    worthless game doesn’t even let u play with friends if u blow too many cars up… last i checked the game was named after a felony.. and rockstar can regulate u playing with ur friends. it doesnt make sense for a game u can do anything in… you can do anything but blow up other peoples cars…BS… FU rockstar

    • Rorison Meadows

      Perhaps stop being a douchebag

      • Zaid IzAlive

        Perhaps realize GTA has always been about not following rules. I dont remember getting penalties for blowing my friends car up in GTA 4, thing is, Rockstar are being morons.

  • gtrpunk

    I had nothing to do even before the 500k stimulus… Haven’t played the game in weeks so it just sits in my bank account.. I got sick of just driving around shooting people. That’s all the missions are.. Drive here, kill these people, walk over the “coke”, drive back… Occasionally you have to move a vehicle from one place to another.. I’ve only found 1 or 2 jobs that are somewhat different from that formula but that’s not enough to keep me interested.. When heists come back i’ll give it another shot.. Until then it’s Battlefield 4 for me

  • Zacw

    If the heists don’t come out this week im moving on to COD. You just do the same thing over and over…

    • Mikea

      you mean just like in COD? lol

      • Jay

        At least each time you play cod you feel your slowly getting somewhere, I really didn’t want to take gta out the ps3 but I had to as I get bored doing the same thing repeatedly to gain levels or anything in general..

    • BF4 > CoD Ghosts

      Go play battlefield 4…..CoD is overrated for how much is sucks…

    • CoD MP is Broke

      Good luck with CoD. I have premium internet and never had lag on MW2, BLOPS, MW3, BLOPS2, but now due to the “hybrid” servers, it’s unplayably laggy. Not my internet though coz I downloaded the patch (178MB) in like 25 secs. I will have to go Battlefield for the first time when I get my PS4. But, from what I understand, Battlefield is a little “serious” and I am a bit of a noob, so I’ll prolly get abused…but I’ll have to give it a go now that CoD is dead to me. I think the poor Battlefield community will see quite a few non-US exCoD players in their games…I apologise in advance, but in my case, I have no choice 🙂 At least Rockstar have a ground breaking game of epic size and quality (especially for current gen), but IW decided to fix what wasn’t broke in what was no more than a re-skin and they now have broken multiplayer (for me anyway). And we know noone buys CoD for the campaign (I, however, didn’t mind the campaign). At least GTAV’s single player is arguably the best game EVER made. And noone buys GTA for multiplayer.

  • Zacw

    They said it would come out this week… Where is it?

  • Zacw

    noone cares about the 500,000. Everyone wants the heists….

  • B H

    lol $500k I spend more on vehicles just to drive around then destroy them after I’m bored.

  • kutha

    U lot shud play with friends for a change insted of driving around doing nothing

  • th3 mad king

    “GTA Heists status update…” BS. Stop using deceptive titles to lure people into reading your lame articles.

  • get rid of gta v

    got boring with no heists

  • Daniel Wilson

    I was excited about the stimulus until we actually got it. Patch 1.05 caused my level 85 character with millions in vehicles, weapons, property and mostly, TIME all gone. The stimulus only bought back my apartment, a change of clothes, and some ammo. All my friends are now 100+ with missions that I get half $$ for, and I cannot even offer the same effort because I lack armor, health, skills, weaponry, and ammo. Way to go. I would have rather kept my character and all it had then lose it to the patch that was designed specifically to prevent character wipes and get 500k stimulus. Overall irritated. But I will keep playing, because in the end, it’s a good game and Watch Dogs got pushed back. Once Watch Dogs is released, my GTA will be traded in.



  • Yoyo

    I’m going trade this game in. Rock star should’ve been ready but heist are still in development, I’m done gta v

  • gta failed

    your beta testing should not be the same as a release date (gta online). they feed you this bs about having all of this fantastic content in the game and with hold it from the gamer. Gta4 is what got me into gaming. Gta5 is what got me to stop

  • The One

    I’ve read a lot of comments from whiny bitches. Take off from GTA and don’t come back. We won’t miss you. Go enjoy CoD: Ghosts.

    • Rorison Meadows


  • pickles0013

    It has become boring and I really don’t think rockstar is going to keep the following they expect if they don’t roll out the heists soon! I haven’t played in days. People enjoy the always changing part of gaming. Not doing the same thing over and over. It takes away the thrill.

    • sorryijustnoticedyoufailing

      name a game where you don’t do the same thing over and over, round after round, prestige after prestige, weapon unlock after weapon unlock, camo after camo, skin after skin.

      in resident evil what do you do?
      in CoD what do you do?
      in harvest moon…
      in the last of us….
      in gears…..
      ffs Pong….
      Final Fantasy……..

      nevermind. i give up on you…

      what you can learn is, don’t speak for “people” when you really mean “yourself”.
      and don’t make an ass out of yourself publicly over the internet, or people will probably see it.

    • ogmackplrcool

      I agree with you. All the games listed below may have you doing the same thing, but there is something to differentiate it. You travel to different locations, interact with different characters, etc. Playing the EXACT same mission the EXACT same way every time is not a fair comparison.

  • ojl10

    this is boring now granted it is the only game that bought me back to playing a console for over a month it is now repetitive and empty

  • Aspen

    well I saw that rockstar were depositing it over the next 2 days, so I bought 1,250,000 and the 500k came I have almost spent all of it still have 946,000 left but it is getting boring still waiting for the beach bum,heists,scuba diving content creator and many more now for me it’s like driving around doing nothing.

  • Samyelson

    I’ve pretty much started playing evey other game but GTA, because you can no longer make money effectively in GTA Online.

  • eah

    Bought a car fully.upgraded didnt save wtf